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What are the top 10 sources for reliable health news and updates?

Williams Brown

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1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – The leading national public health agency in the United States, providing reliable information on a wide range of health topics.
2. World Health Organization (WHO) – The United Nations agency responsible for international public health, offering trusted global health news and updates.
3. Mayo Clinic – Renowned nonprofit medical practice and research organization, providing trustworthy health news and information.
4. National Institutes of Health (NIH) – The largest biomedical research agency in the United States, offering reliable health news and updates based on scientific research.
5. Harvard Health Publishing – A division of Harvard Medical School, providing reliable health news, articles, and expert advice.
6. WebMD – A reputable online source for health news, medical information, and expert advice.
7. Medscape – A leading provider of clinical information and resources for healthcare professionals, offering reliable health news and updates for both professionals and the general public.
8. American Heart Association (AHA) – A nonprofit organization dedicated to cardiovascular health, providing reliable information and updates on heart-related topics.
9. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – The U.S. regulatory agency responsible for ensuring public health in relation to food, drugs, medical devices, and more, offering authoritative health news and updates.
10. National Health Service (NHS) – The official healthcare website of the United Kingdom, providing reliable health news, information, and resources to the public.