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Which 10 cities have the best air and water quality contributing to public health?

Williams Brown

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Determining the cities with the best air and water quality contributing to public health requires thorough research and analysis. However, here is a list of ten cities globally that are frequently recognized for their clean air and water:

1. Zurich, Switzerland
2. Wellington, New Zealand
3. Helsinki, Finland
4. Canberra, Australia
5. Calgary, Canada
6. Honolulu, USA
7. Adelaide, Australia
8. Reykjavik, Iceland
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Kobe, Japan

This is not an exhaustive list, and rankings can vary depending on the specific criteria used to evaluate air and water quality. Additionally, it is important to note that air and water quality can fluctuate within cities based on various factors, so ongoing monitoring and efforts are crucial to maintain cleanliness.