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Acne Cream and acne medication are one of the most used facial products in teens and young adults. But the most notable thing that we should know is - do these acne creams actually work? Different people have two different view- some say it is just waste of money and time and


Acne, acne, acne. Our common enemy which never accept defeat and come again and again to trouble us. Even our all efforts we can not avoid it. Whatever country you live, at  one point in your life, you have this little (and sometimes big) red, ugly and swollen bumps in your face. So what do you do when you have one or its whole friend group on your face? Don't worry.. We got some tips for you.

large pores

Pores are very essential for skin as they helps in transferring of oil and sweet from skin glands to skin surface and keep the skin soft and hydrated. These pores when dilated, clogged with oil appears larger than they really are and remind you of their existence whenever you look in the mirror.

skin color

Have you ever wonder why do some people have light skin while others have olive skin or dark brown skin or any of the shades in between? Generally we think the color of our skin is given by our parents but it is not the only answer. The skin color that you have got is influenced by three things

sun protection

Having fun on a beach in the sun is extremely enjoyable. People think that it is full of fun, and there is nothing to worry. But there are things that may go wrong in taking fun under the sun on a beach. If you think that getting tan under the sun is gratifying for skin, then think again. Ultraviolet rays coming from sun may lead to skin burn, rashes and in the worst case skin cancer.


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