Everyone longs for good skin free from inflammation, acne and wrinkles. Being the largest organ of our body, the adage “you are what you eat” applies on skin. Your diet plays a key role to make your skin healthy and beautiful, and at the same time,  it may cause many skin disorders. Exercise is also highly beneficial in achieving glowing and healthy skin.


Winter always plays hard on our skin. It is very natural to get dry and itchy skin during the winter month. Though it is not possible to avoid winter, yet there are some tips that we can follow to avoid dry skin in winter.


Acne is an embarrassing and most of time a painful condition that is usually associated in our teenage years. It occurs in a person who is over nineteen years old. It is thought that adult acne has hormonal roots. It is highly embarrassing to have red, puss-filled pimples. Acne is exceedingly difficult to cope with in any age

dry skin

What Is Dry Skin:

t is the skin that feels tight and uncomfortable. Most common areas are lower legs, thighs, arms and flanks (sides of the abdomen). Scaling. Itching and cracks in the skin are the most common symptoms of dry skin.


Yearning to get a glowing skin then this article could be the one for you. The fact is everybody wants  pretty face with glowing-skin, but as a matter of fact, we can't obtain it just only by wish. Our skin needs regular maintenance before getting ready for show off. Getting fair and beautiful skin is not terribly hard at all, It is not as I am asking you to have facial bit like celebrities. We just need to take care of skin that we have..


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