Light coming from the sun is a magical source of energy for us, and we can not survive on earth without the light rays coming from the sun. The light rays that reach  ground are not homogenous, but they comprise of many wavelengths of light.

skin care

Have you ever consult a dermatologist for choosing moisturizers. The tip to select a moisturizer solely lies in your skin type. Though moisturizers are used for many purposes, but most of the time it is used to hydrate skin. Everybody hates dry skin and moisturizers are hassle free solution for you to get rid of your dry skin.


We all hate to see wrinkles in our face, but we cannot avoid it and it naturally comes as we get older. Market

is filled with many anti-wrinkles cream, but most of which don’t work in the way they promised, and sometimes the effect is temporary. Also, using chemicals on your skin can cause some skin problems if your skin is sensitive.


You must be familiar with the cliche that wrinkles represent your life roadway and your knowledge, but none of us wanted to show our wisdom through wrinkles. Wrinkles are the thin lines which appear on your skin that we all hate. The distressing thing is it appears mostly on your face, which we care most.


Double chin is not only the problem faced by overweight people but also occur with normal-weight people. As we grow older, the double chin starts to appear due to fat deposits or other reasons. The causes of double chin include excess fat, age and genetics.


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