We are all familiar with itching which can reap at any time and troubles us a lot. We advise our children not to scratch skin but when we ourselves develop itching, we forget all the discipline and scratch the skin till content. Though this provides momentary satisfaction but it leaves the skin vulnerable and open to other infections due to damage caused by scratching of skin.


Every women wish for strong and long nail as it adds beauty to her image. The problem comes when due to wrong manicure, nails get damage and slow rate of nail growth makes us frustrated to make it normal. Nails grow at very slow pace around three mm monthly but it can be enhanced with proper diet and nail care.


Stretch marks are a type of scarring that appears on the skin. These scars appear if skin is stretch beyond its natural capability. More than 80% of women during pregnancy develop these stretch marks due to body growth. Though these stretch marks are not harmful to body yet women feel embarrassed having these ugly marks on the skin.


Nothing is more frustrating as clearing your skin with a razor for smooth and clean skin, only to get razor burns. Razor burns are common skin irritation that develops due to improper method of shaving. Razor burns are extremely unsightly and painful, which we all face somewhere in our life and for the people who have sensitive skin, razor burns are highly terrifying.


Aging is a natural phenomenon which is inevitable, and we cannot avoid it. We all hate thin line on our face and sagging in our skin, but these things appear with age and there is nothing to stop it totally. The good thing is, we have some skin care anti-aging products, which can slow down this aging process, so that you can enjoy youthfulness for a longer period.


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