Sulphur is used to treat skin problem since long back. It is a natural element which was used in ancient times to treat skin problem like dermatitis, rosacea, pimples and warts. It is a nonmetallic element which has smell of rotten eggs.  It contains skin drying as well as antibacterial properties, that is why it is used in many cosmetics and skin care products.


A dark underarm is a condition in which the skin under the arms takes a darker shade compared to the rest of the body. Dark underarms are usually a case of shame and discomfort for the person having it as it clearly depicts unhygienic lifestyle of that person and may create a bad impression. People with dark under arms, generally avoid sleeveless clothes and are very insecure.


The first thing that comes in mind after hearing the word Crow's feet is that it must be a problem related to our feet but in reality there is no relation of crow's feet with our legs. Crow's feet is the fine lines that appears near the outside corner of our eyes . These line are also called as laugh lines or character lines in a sweet-talk  but we never wish for these lines as they are basically the sign of our aging.


White Tanning spot is a common skin problem that is complained by many teens in summer season. The problem arises due to yeast infection which is called tinea versicolor. Versicolor Yeasts are always present in the atmosphere but generally causes no problem but some people are prone to get skin problems and may develop white tanning spots caused by tinea versicolor. Unlike other skin infection, tinea versicolor is not contagious.


The name athlete foot suggests it is something related to athlete but it is not the real case. It is a medical disorder basically fungal or bacterial infection in the base of the feet. The bacteria that are responsible for the skin infection grow in some special environment condition.


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