winter-dry-skinWinter always plays hard on our skin. It is very natural to get dry and itchy skin during the winter month. Though it is not possible to avoid winter, yet there are some tips that we can follow to avoid dry skin in winter.

Why winter causes dry skin?

The main reason of getting dry skin in winter is humidity. In the winter, moisture-content in the atmosphere which is also known as humidity drops. Low humidity of atmosphere strips natural oil and moisture from our skin. Harsh cold air as well as dry air from heat sources used in winter, fuels this process of sucking moisture from skin and leave our skin dry cracked and prone to damage and infections.

Tips to avoid dry skin in winter:

  1. Avoid long and hot bath as it will clear natural oil from the skin and make your skin dry. Pat dries your body with a towel instead of rubbing it.

  2. Cover all your skin before going to outside in winter. Wear full winter clothing such as scarves and gloves before stepping out of your door.
  3. Use mechanical humidifiers to increase the humidity of your room. Put hot water near your heat source to supply moisture in the air.
  4. Use moisturizers on your skin after shower. Market is filled with the army of moisturizers; choose any winter moisturizer product that suits your skin type. You can also apply oil like almond oil on the skin which is beneficial to get rid of dry skin.
  5. Use moisturizing soaps in winter. Avoid using deodorant soaps in winter, or only apply in essential area like underarms.
  6. Dry skin is easily irritated and scratching it makes the skin more worse. Avoid scratching dry skin and apply moisturizer on the dry patches.
  7. Use lip balm on your lips to avoid cracking of lips. Don’t lick your lips as it will make it drier.
  8. Take fruit juice and plenty of water in winter. It helps in moisturizing your body from inside.

These are some tips you can follow in the winter season, to take care of your skin from getting dry.

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