acneAcne, acne, acne. Our common enemy which never accept defeat and come again and again to trouble us. Even our all efforts we can not avoid it. Whatever country you live, at  one point in your life, you have this little (and sometimes big) red, ugly and swollen bumps in your face. So what do you do when you have one or its whole friend group on your face? Don't worry.. We got some tips for you.

Home Acne Treatment:

Small innocent bumps can be treated on home if it’s just a few innocent bumps. It is very necessary that the acne infected area is washed twice a day with a mild facial cleanser. Use of mild cleanser is important as may cause your skin dry.

After washing, pat dry your face. Remember not to rub your face as it may cause further irritation. Squeeze benzoyl peroxide in your finger and dab on your face. After dubbing, gently spread the medicine on whole face. After 15-20 minutes, apply moisturizer on your face Do not wash the benzyl peroxide off your face.

Points to remember:

  • Do not squeeze your acne, no matter how much tempting and enjoyable it may feel
  • Avoid touching your face with hand. If you must, use a tissue or a handkerchief.

Oral Acne Treatment:

Another acne treatment you can try is the oral acne treatment wherein you just have to swallow an itsy, bitsy, nasty little pill but remember it will not solve your problem in hours or days. It take 2-3 months to show its result.

Woman can also try taking hormonal pills or contraceptive pills. These pills not only prevent pregnancy but also helps in clearing up your face. One pill called Diane has an ingredient called cyproterone acetate that is very helpful in treating acne.

Another medicine that can use for treatment of acne is Oral Retinoid. This medicine is most of the times used for severe and stubborn acne. But take note that this can’t be used by pregnant women for it can affect her baby. To avoid this, this medicine can only be obtained if prescribed by your doctor.

Specialist Acne Treatment:

If you don't have time and a date is just waiting for you next week. ! Desperate times need desperate measures. In that case you may go for specialist acne treatment. You need to fix appointment with your dermatologist for the acne treatment suited for you. Again the results are not instantaneous and it may also hurt a little bit when your doctor has to inject some medicine inside your pimples one by one but overall it is much faster than other methods. It will also cost you some more price but results would be definitely worth it.

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