acneAcne can be upsetting - very upsetting especially when you have something important coming up. Be it a presentation, a party or even as routine as going to school, college or work. The first reaction is to self-treat the pimples or hide them under layers of foundation. Eventually, when the problem deepens, a person seeks treatment from professionals.

However, to their disappointment, despite all precautions, they return with even more vengeance! So what went wrong? Dermatologists and skin specialists pointed out a few common mistakes that people commit while treating acne. It could be any one or a combination or all of them. Here's what people slip up on:

Self- Diagnosis:

Sprouting pimples as the most inappropriate of times makes a person impatient and she/he ends up self - treating them thus adding the proverbial fuel to fire! At times pimples are symptoms of some other causes such as rosacea or even PCOS. People are not equipped to differentiate and end up using the wrong kind of over the counter medications thus aggravating the situation.

Using Too Many Products:

While self-treating people also tend to experiment with products. If product 'A' does not work for them, they move on to product 'B'. Some overzealous people use both products at the same time with their motto being 'more is better'. They fail to understand that you cannot mix different products for acne treatment. In severe cases, they might lead to permanent damage or allergic reactions which might be fatal.

Scrubbing/Cleansing Too Much:

Some people are of the belief that acne can be 'scrubbed off'. To achieve it they constantly scrub or cleanse their face many times a day. The end result - you guessed it - more severe breakouts. The facial skin is very sensitive. It needs gentle care. By scrubbing you end up overworking the sebaceous glands which produce even more oil thus causing even more pimples to pop out. At the same time if a person has dry skin, she/he ends up stripping even more moisture off the face which might have harmful side effects in the long run.

Wrong Product For Wrong Skin Type:

Now that we have mentioned dry skin, it makes sense to mention that acne differs from skin type to skin type. The acne treatment for oily skin is different than the one for dry skin. Dry skin treatments do not make use of ingredients such as alcohol which make the skin even drier. While oily skin treatment creams, lotions and gel are 'non - comedogenic' i.e. they do not contain ingredients that are 'oily' by nature.

Efficacy Of Treatment:

Even if people seek professional help, they do not have the patience to follow through the entire regimen as prescribed by the doctor. They cannot wait for the efficacy of the treatment to kick in completely. Thus the pimples return with even more severity when they stop mid-way or when the acne breakout subsides. Experts advise that the treatment should be stopped gradually - if at all. There is a window period in which the acne subsides completely. However during this time, there is a possibility that acne is being harbored on some other skin portion. The best way to treat acne is to continue using the medication and reducing its use gradually. Always seek the doctor's advice on the method as everyone's needs and severity of breakout are different.

Acne breakouts are unique to each individual. Treatments differ as it depends upon diverse factors like skin type, age, reasons (e.g. due to hormonal changes or climatic conditions) and genetics. Therefore the most sensible thing to do while treating acne is seek help from a dermatologist as she/he is qualified to diagnose the actual reason and provide treatment accordingly.

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