dark-underarmA dark underarm is a condition in which the skin under the arms takes a darker shade compared to the rest of the body. Dark underarms are usually a case of shame and discomfort for the person having it as it clearly depicts unhygienic lifestyle of that person and may create a bad impression. People with dark under arms, generally avoid sleeveless clothes and are very insecure.

It is matter of great concern to fair people as it is more visible on their body compared to brown or dark skin. The main reason for dark underarms is unhygienic lifestyle, profuse sweating and unclean habits.

Symptoms of Dark Underarms:

  1. Dark skin
  2. Irritation and itching
  3. Profuse sweating
  4. Bad Odour

Causes of Dark Armpits:

  • Flabby and slagging arms: Due to the frequent rubbing of the skin against skin, the underarm turns dark. Losing weight will help in avoiding this.
  • Anti-Perspirants and Deodorants: Though deodorants and anti-perspirants are good but excess use of these may lead to dark underarms. Using them only when needed will help in avoiding dark underarms.
  • Friction: A constant rubbing of clothes with underarms darkens the arm pits. Hence avoid polyester and synthetic clothing. Prefer cotton clothes and avoid tight clothes.
  • Shaving: Shaving the armpit is one of the most common reasons for dark underarms due to the growth of thick hair under the skin. Shaving makes the hair grow thicker and hence dark arm pits.
  • Improper washing: Improper cleaning will result in dark armpits as dead skin will build up. Hence it is essential to scrub the armpit while taking bath.
  • Hair removing creams: Hair removing creams are designed to remove hair from the surface of the skin and not to the roots. Hence hair under the skin makes the armpit look dark.
  • Hyper pigmentation: Hyper pigmentation is usually due to hereditary; hence it is better to consult a skin specialist for proper treatment.

These are some of the causes of dark underarms.

Home Remedies for Dark Underarms:

  • Apply coconut oil to your dark underarms.
  • Apply orange peel paste with water in dark armpits
  • Rub lemon on the dark area of the underarms.
  • Prepare a paste: 1 tsp. lime juice, 1 tsp. cucumber juice, pinch of turmeric. Mix all these ingredients, make a paste and apply in on the armpits. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash.
  • Prepare a paste: 1 tsp. gram flour, 1 tsp. curd, pinch of turmeric. Mix all the ingredients, make a paste and apply on the armpits. Rinse with cold water after it becomes dry.
  • Prepare a paste: Pinch of sandalwood powder, few drops of rose water. Mix both the ingredients, make a paste and apply on the dark armpits.
  • Apply baking soda on the dark underarms after bath.
  • Use a potato or potato juice and apply it on the dark underarms. Potato has the property of a bleaching agent and hence it may prove effective in curing dark underarms.

There are some of the best and effective home remedies to treat dark underarms.

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Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:31

Nice post. My armpits are really very dark. lol. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. Raquel


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:31

Never thought this could be a problem, but it is true - dark armpits are not looking good and may pose a problem for their owner. Thanks for sharing, I learned something new.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:32

Can dark underarms be cured with waxing?

Jayden Dave

Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:36

Ya waxing can be done to remove darkness under armpits. But it is very painful. Instead I would suggest you to do shaving. Proprly doing shaving can help you to get rid of dark underarms. Here is a good way to do so
Allow two minutes in the shower to soften your skin and hair. Use real shaving cream or gel, not soap since this will clog the razor. And because underarm hair grows in multiple directions, remember to shave upwards, downwards and sideways, rinsing off your razor between strokes of your multiple-blade razor.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 20:07

I am verr upset with this problem of dark armpit. I am thinking about solution like skin peeling. Other then home remedy, can anyone suggest me some product that can help me to get rid of my dark armpits.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 20:10

Hi untori,
I am using a product called Xtreme brite gel from last one month and now I can definitely tell the difference. I ordered this gel after watching may review and I am telling you my armpit darkness has been gone by around 80%.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 20:13

My armpit are very dark.I think it is because of anti-perspirant that I was spraying underarms. Now I want to bring it to original but I am not able to do it. I am waxing it in around 15 days but it is still black.
Please suggest me how to solve it.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 20:14

Other than the home remedies given above, I will suggest some more tips
1) Use anti-fungal powder instead of anti-perspirants.
2) Wear cotton clothes instead.
3) Do not shave your underarms, instead
4) wax them regularly. It will not only remove hair but also the dead skin.


Posted on: 18.06.2013 21:16

one remedy for your dark underarms is after you bath dont put powder in under arms. when we sweat this powder makes it dark.So try this out.

STACEY Mae Morrison

Posted on: 24.01.2015 07:06

Gonna try waxing under my armpit for the darkness


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