Chubby FaceAre you depressed because of your chubby face? You are not fatty but because of plump face you look like one. You do exercise regularly, but the fat on your face is not ready to leave.

There are some reasons, because of your face is puffed up and you need to look after those reasons for getting a slimmer face. The most common reason for chubby face are:

1. Lack of firmness in facial muscles
2. smoking
3. stress
4. lack of rest
5. drinking

Look on these reasons that contribute to chubby face. If you find, any of these reasons are responsible then its time to make a change in your lifestyle. Eat healthy food which contains less fat. Fruits, green vegetables should be a necessary part of your diet. Drink minimum 8 glass of water each day. Sometime lack of water make the body go on water storing, and it may result in face puffiness.

People who smoke or drink generally have swollen face. If you want a slim face then limit the consumption of alcohol.

Mild exercise is necessary to keep your body fit. You can devote your half an hour time on jogging, cycling or walking. Swimming is also an excellent exercise for toning your body in fantastic shape.

You can do facial exercise to make the face muscle working. Make as may exaggerated funny faces as you can for facial workout. It will take some time to see results on your face but certainly it helps in removing the face fat. You can also take the advantage of professional face massage. Chewing gum can also be beneficial.

So now you have many tricks with you for toning your face. Apply those tricks and see the result.

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Posted on: 24.01.2013 14:47

This is a very nice article telling about how to get rid of chubby facce


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