razor-burnsNothing is more frustrating as clearing your skin with a razor for smooth and clean skin, only to get razor burns. Razor burns are common skin irritation that develops due to improper method of shaving. Razor burns are extremely unsightly and painful, which we all face somewhere in our life and for the people who have sensitive skin, razor burns are highly terrifying.

Most common cause of razor burn is incorrect shaving technique or dull razor. Here, are some tips that one can follow to avoid razor burns.

Tips To Avoid Razor Burns:

  1. Dull and blunt razors are the leading cause of razor burns. So you should always use sufficiently sharp blade for shaving. During shaving, hair strands got trapped in between the razor blades which must be removed as they slow down the shaving effectiveness of the razor. So you must rinse the razor blades with water and if possible with hot water, in between the strokes.

  2. If you feel that your blade is pulling the hair instead of cutting, then it’s time to replace your blade. If you continue using the same blade, you will finish up in rashes and inflammation on your skin.
  3. Always use some foaming agent like shaving cream or gel before shaving. They makehair softer and easier to remove. You should avoid using of soap for shaving as they make the skin dry increase the infection cause by razor.
  4. Use of warm water is immensely useful in easing out shaving process as it softens the hair further and open up the pores. A person who has sensitive skin must use warm water during shaving to avoid the razor burns.
  5. Don’t use razor hastily. Do it slowly otherwise you not only experience razor burns but also razor cuts.
  6. Always shave in the direction of hair growth and don’t force razor too much on the skin. Apply only little pressures on your skin to cleanly shear the follicles. Don’t think that too much pressure give you more cleanly shave.
  7. If you still ended up in some rashes or bumps on your skin, don’t scratch or scrub your skin as it will only spread the infection. Use some skin soothing creams like Aloe-Vera gel on those areas to relieve pain.
  8. If you have developed razor burns, don’t apply perfumes containing alcohol.

These are few tips, which you should follow if you are suffering from razor burns.

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