The number of early pregnancy failure or loss is on the increase and it is now considered to be very common by obstetricians. Many researchers have said that normally a person will only have one miscarriage during her life and that it is can be due to reasons that are unexplained. But if you have suffered miscarriages more than once, then there could be a problem and it is time that you get in touch with a doctor.


There are many reasons to quit smoking but if you are planning to have a baby then for the good health of baby, you have to quit smoking. Studies reveal that smoking during pregnancy lead to a wide range of health problems to the mother as well as the baby.


Pregnancy after 40 is becoming more common among celebrities and many celebrities give the birth to their first child after 40. This is the time when carrier goals have been achieved and celebrity start to think about enjoying the life of parenthood. If you are also deciding to follow same path because you are not ready yet, then there will be very little chance to get pregnant at such high age.


Blood pressure plays an important role during pregnancy that is why it is monitored at each prenatal visit to doctor. It is estimated that around 5-10% of women suffer with high blood pressure in during pregnancy. The high blood pressure is better known as hypertension and hypertension because of pregnancy is known as pregnancy-induced hypertension. Hypertension is extremely harmful for the mother as well as the baby growing inside the mother.


It is very common for women to eat more during pregnancy so that she could meet the nutritional demand of not her own but also of the baby growing in her womb. Weight gain in pregnancy is a normal fact which is result of baby growing in your womb, the increased volume of blood in the body and other body changes which include enlargement of your breasts.


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