Cramps can occur during pregnancy and it can be mild as in many pregnant women or can be severe. If the cramps are mild then usually it is more to do with the growing of the uterus and the stretching of uterus that happens, but if the cramps are severe, it can be a sign of an underlying problem. The cramps are usually felt in the abdominal region, but some pregnant women also experience cramps in the legs.


Fibroid tumor or myoma or leiomyoma is a condition that is seen to affect 50 to 80 percent of all women and the chances of having fibroid tumor is greatly increased during pregnancy. Though they are not known to affect pregnancy much, there have been many cases where the presence of fibroid has complicated pregnancies and deliveries.

Hemorrhoids after pregnancy

Hemorrhoids is also known as piles. It is a medical condition when blood vessels in rectal area swells and causes extreme pain on sitting or during bowl movement. It is very common during pregnancy. The main cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is increase in abdominal pressure in this phase.


Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles are caused when the blood vessels that are present in the rectal area swell and can be very uncomfortable and in many cases very painful. It is a type of varicose vein and is very common among women who are pregnant.


Pregnancy is termed to be a condition or a state in which a woman is expecting a child. There are a lot of symptoms of pregnancy, and usually many women go through some anxious moments before they can determine if they are pregnant or not especially the women who have been trying to get pregnant for a while.


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