Diet is the most important part during the nine months of pregnancy. Your body goes through many changes during these months, so you need to be extra careful about yourself and your diet. Diet become more important during pregnancy because it will not only affect you but also your baby. So it becomes very important to learn what is healthy eating and what to avoid during pregnancy.


Birthing center is place which can be opted for giving birth instead of more sophisticated birth ward of hospitals. Birthing centers provide more homes like environment and less medical interventions like IVs and electronic fetal monitoring. Birthing center can be used to give birth of a baby if the mother is healthy and have very less risk of birth complicacy.


Bleeding is quite commonly seen in pregnant women and more so during the first trimester. There is no reason to worry if bleeding occurs, but then one has to also be aware that bleeding can also be signs of something that is more serious. It the bleeding is not much and is not accompanied by too much pain, then generally there should not be any problems, but if you are experiencing sharp pain with lot of bleeding, then it is better to seek medical attention.


Proteins are a necessary requirement when it comes to growth and development of body. No growth and development process is the same as that happens with pregnant women. Therefore, if proteins are necessary for the growth of a normal person, then its requirement becomes imperative for a pregnant woman.


Surrogacy is a type of arrangement that is done between a couple or an individual and a woman to carry and to deliver a baby for the couple or individual. There are a many women who are suffering from medical conditions which do not allow them to become pregnant or is considered dangerous to get pregnant. For such couples, surrogacy is an option that will allow them to have a baby of their own. There are two types of surrogacy that are put into practice and they are


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