nausea-during-pregnancyPregnancy is the most joyous feeling for any women. It is the moment that every woman dreams to live. But the symptoms are not that good. The most common problem during pregnancy is Nausea. It generally occurs between six and eighteen weeks.

Most of the woman complains certain degree of nausea with or without vomiting. The term that is commonly used to describe mild nausea is the morning sickness. Severe nausea is often described by the term hypermesis.

Causes Of Nausea

What are the causes of nausea during pregnancy? Doctors are not sure of its causes. But they predict that, there are certain causes that led to nausea.


During pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman releases hormones. These hormones led to side effects that cause nausea and vomiting. The hormone that is released during pregnancy is human chorionic progesterone. It is the real cause for morning sickness. Another hormone that is responsible for it is estrogen. Increase in “its” content also leads to nausea.

Lack of Vitamins:

During pregnancy you need many vitamins and minerals. Nausea often results from lack of vitamin B. Many doctors prescribe to take vitamin B6 supplements. Studies have shown that pregnant woman taking multivitamin pills early from the conception period suffer fewer from nausea.

Body Changes and stress:

Doctors are also not clear why this happens but during pregnancy, there are lots of changes in a woman’s body. It is difficult for any woman to adapt to the changes within her body. As a result, she puts stress on her body. Sometime it can be the reason for the nausea. It can lead to severe vomiting I she continues to take more and more stress. Nausea may also occur due the gastrointestinal problems.

Steps To Avoid Nausea

What are the steps you may take to avoid nausea? It cannot end nausea but these remedies shall offer you some extent of relief.

Keep the stomach full:

Empty stomach can lead to nausea so always keep the stomach full to alleviate nausea. This can be achieved by taking frequent small snacks all over the day rather than taking three big meals. Though frequent eating throughout the day is not simple when you feel sick but remember that not eating decrease the sugar level which may result in prolong nausea. One more thing that you should consider is consuming complex carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables, and protein rather than taking simple carbohydrates like sugar and refined foods. Complex carbohydrates remain in stomach for longer time and give small and constant supply of sugar which our body needs.

Keep yourself hydrated with fluids:

You should always take some drinks as lemonade between the meals. Stock up on juice or water bottle and keep those with you all the time. Sip ginger tea or herbal tea. Dehydration is one of the biggest cause of morning sickness. Stay away from caffeine and soda.

Take rest and sleep:

Exhaustion and lack of sleep could be another cause of nausea. A good sleep magically alleviate nausea and make you feel better. Also at night before going to bed, if you eat some snacks like bread, cereal, dry crackers or yogurt , it will give relief from morning sickness.

Know your triggers:

There may be some foods or smell that can trigger nausea and make you running off towards bathroom for vomiting. Knowing and avoid such foods or smell is an excellent way to keep away nausea. There are also some foods that can set off your nausea as well so if it is the case, preparing meal with such ingredient could be the right answer to avoid nausea.


There is no doubt that stress and anxiety level increase during pregnancy. Try to calm your nerves to get relief from nausea. Talk and share your feelings with your spouse and relatives and make yourself busy. Keeping yourself in isolation can lead to nausea. Breathing exercises and yoga can also make you calm and alleviate nausea.


In some women medicine for nausea may help end the problem. Make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any such drugs during pregnancy. You can lose some weight through vomiting. This shall make you feel better and then you can eat and drink more.

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