Manhattan dyes

Manhattan dyes

They say gray hair makes men handsome. But not always and not everyone. Sometimes suchh hair is untidily yellowish, and sometimes it breaks through unjustly early.

The dyeing process is carried out according to the standard scheme, and any technique can be used, depending on the hair length and personal preferences: for example, highlighting will create the effect of burnt strands  in the sun.

But in most cases, especially if the hair is shorter than 5 cm, the master colorist will suggest natural staining to completely restore the natural shade of gray hair.

Cream or gel dye format. It is very easy to apply without leaving streaks on the neck and your favorite sweatshirt. It features a soft composition safe for hair and scalp and the absence of a pungent odor, acts quickly – at the same time reliably color over gray hair. Ideal for short hair.

Thanks to a convenient whipped texture, the mousse dye is applied by hand without unnecessary devices. Some brands produce such products with a dosing pump, which facilitates application. Mousses are best used on medium and long strands. It is believed that the overlap degree of such dyes is lower than that of cream dyes, but it all depends on the manufacturer and on the individual hair characteristics.

Regardless of the consistency – cream, liquid or mousse – dyes can be either tinting or ammonia. As you probably already understood, ammonia-free products give a more natural effect, and therefore they are the best choice for men with gray hair. Another plus of tinting dye is a gentle effect on the hair at Manhattan Barbershops. And there is only one minus: pigments do not penetrate deep into the hair shaft and are washed faster. You will have to refresh the shade every 1.5–2 months. But, given that during this time, gray roots, with which you need to do something, have time to grow, this feature of ammonia-free colors can hardly be called a minus.


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