We all want happiness in our life but even after all our efforts most of the time we feel depressed, sad and live a stressful life. It is exceedingly difficult to find a person who claim that he is happy. Have you ever thought what makes a person happy. The answer for this question is different for different people.

Some people like fame and they can do anything to get it. Some want money for happiness. Some like social status. But if you think deeply it is not fame or money that makes you happy rather small things in our life which we usually ignore. Most of those people find themselves deep in debt with judgments piling up on their credit. So lets see what are those things and be happy.

Have you ever appreciated yourself. If not then try it. You will feel satisfied and happy. Try to help other who are in need and experience the happiness. Try to make someone smile and appreciate yourself for making him smile. All these activities make you feel calm from the inside.

Set a goal in your life and steadily look after it. At each step going near the goal feel the success and appreciate yourself. Be focused towards your goal. Sense of achieving goal makes you feel satisfied and lead to happiness. If there is anything making you difficult to achieve goal then take it as a challenge. In this way you will stay away from negative opinion and be always on the positive track.

You should also provide time to your social life. It is not that you forget your family, your relatives in achieving your goal. You must learn to balance life. Spend time with your friends, relatives, children and other close people. It will unquestionably bring happiness in your life.

For being happy in life you should learn to forget and forgive. Do not hold the bitterness always in your heart. Forgive people who have hurt you. Forget their fault. Keeping baggage of anger and revenge make only you unhappy. Learn from your mistakes and avoid making it again. Forget unpleasant things of the past. Live in the present and learn to enjoy life.

Spent your time in activities that you like, hear lovely music which make you feel happy and motivates you. Work on your hobbies. Think about your health. Take healthy diet. Stay healthy as you can not be happy with weak body.

Follow those little points mentioned and see the change


After the first child is born, your second child does not receive such treatment like the first one. There are many reasons for it. The second pregnancy doesn't come up with a lot of surprises for you as you know it all in your first pregnancy. In second birth, you does not feel unique experience as you already felt it in first one. Because of the repeated procedure, the second birth does not come with immense enthusiasm, and it is usually seen that parents do not feel similar excitement, as in the first one. If this impression carried on, the second child start feeling ignored, and it leads to sibling rivalry.

Most of the time second child syndrome is found in the behaviour of second child who thinks that the parents don't give much thought to him and love the first one more. If you believe that your child is showing symptoms of second-child-syndrome  the  you should follow some basic rules to make him believe that he is equally valuable to you.

1. never match the child to his sibling.

2. never say to your child to be like other.

3. Give the enough amount of time and devotion to your all children.

4. Try to win the heart of second child with love and affection.

5. If you start ignoring second child because of his misbehavior, it will make him more negative.

6. Give proper consideration to the child and encourage him to do his best.


Though you think you are not luxurious but in the end of the month you become empty handed. You shed tears seeing your bank balance. If you are such type of person, its time and wipe your tears and learn the tips to save money.

Spend Less:

You should examine yourself and see where are you spending and where you can cut off. Can you do without coffee at break times. Do you read all the newspaper or magazines delivered. Think carefully and you will find many situation where you can save money.

Personal Budget:

List out all the expenses likely to occur during the month create a forecast on items like month groceries, bills and other monthly expenses. List out incoming and outgoing money. Once you do that you will have a clear idea where you can save some money.


Think about buying things in bulk. Plan meals in advance for the week and save money on grocery by bulk buying. One thing you should remember that what you are buying in bulk should be used before it going bad.

Buying at sale:

Before buying at sale, make sure that the sale is quite sale, I mean make a price research before buying items at sale. You should not be spending more because of the creative marketing of the store. "Huge discounts" will help you only when you could not see that item at the same price somewhere else.

Stop changing your items often:

Stop changing your items like mobile, Tv or laptop, once a new version appear in the market. Before changing let the reviews come about this new launch then only go for buying. Most of the time you see you were lucky that you did not buy it in the first place.

Buy Old items:

Everybody wants new item but there is no harm in buying a second hand item if it still fit. Cars, cloths, tools, electronic items are some areas where you can save money by this method.

Save Money:

Make a habit of saving some money each week, each month. You can increase this amount by making strategies. Once you start and see your savings, it will inspire you to save money further so start saving from today


Controlling a child is not easy task. You do not know what problem they will create for you. Even some of their behavior may cause you lose your control. So before such type of situation come, you should learn how to control your child. The first thing you should teach your children is discipline. Discipline means your children should have a clear idea that what is the right thing to do and what is wrong. Spanking should be the last option. You should avoid this tool in all cases. If you use this method for solving the problem, you child may grow into a violent nature. Calmly talk to your children. Make him realize his mistake and disobedience. Ask him not to repeat this mistake again. Encourage them to indulge in different activity. Let them explore their area of interest. Praise them for their achievements. In this way, they will start respecting you and will be under your control. If they are doing the same mistake again and again you can try little punishment to make them change. If your child is worried, give them a sense of security. Make them understand that they can share their problems with you.


To express your love to your dearest one whether you are missing him/her or you are teary, love letters are most pleasant choice. In these days when there are several options are available for communication, writing love letters is the most attractive and romantic choice for lovers. It is not easy to write a love letter as it requires  follow your feeling of heart and putting it on a paper. If you feel difficulty in expressing yourself then here are some tips for you.

Before writing a love letter you should be in the right mood otherwise you will not be able to express yourself openly.

Do not try to hide your feeling, bring it on letter.

Be honest with yourself and do not write anything casually that may cause misunderstanding.

Choose the best beautiful stationary and pen handy to you, if you do not have go and buy it.

Don't be formal while expressing yourself. Choose sweet words like "darling", "dearest", "Precious" for greeting your lover.

Cite those events in your letter that your partner will love and enjoy after remembering.

End your letter in a romantic style like "forever yours" or "to my dream ...".

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