Lying is a skill, but we do not like our children lying. Children used to lie to avoid blame and punishment. There are many other reasons for lying. It also depends on the age of children. Though all the children lie, some are continuing liar and need help from their parents. This category of children doesn't feel happy about themselves.

Small age children may lie because they do not see the difference between truth and falsehood. For this age of children, parents need to avoid punishment. Parents should explain their children about the difference between falsehood and truth. In the other case if your child is knowledgeable and he is lying to gain some advantage or he is lying to avoid some punishment, then this is a real concern. Parents should make them understand the importance of telling the truth and what is wrong in lying and if demand they should be punished.

The Reasons - Why Children Lie:

  • If the Kid is scared of his mistake, he often lies to cover up or to protect his friend
  • To present oneself great with lying
  • To avoid unpleasant task like "Did you drink milk- yes mom" To impress others

What should Parents Do:

  • Parents need to set up an admirable example in front of kids and set up a trust in children mind that being honest is the way to behave.
  • If you know the Kid is lying, then change your discussion on what was the problem rather than blaming.
  • Give children very mild punishment on speaking truth than they are lying. As confessing truth is extremely difficult than lying and if your child is confessing, thank him for telling the truth.
  • If you let the child get away with his lie, it will assist him more, so do not do this.
  • Make a compelling concept in home that telling the truth is must in any position, and it is the way to behave

What Is Hypnotherapy:

First let's see what hypnosis means. The term is derived from a Greek word “hypnos”, which means “sleep”. Hypnosis is done by an instructor who induces the patient into a sleep mode in a way that they will provide truthful answer to any questions asked without realizing. The main idea behind using of hypnosis is to extract the true feelings and thoughts of a person, which is not possible during normal interrogation.

The instructors who perform this session are called Hypnotherapists. Over time, there has been numerous hypnosis techniques that has been developed to elicit a more effective result using this kind of therapy. This has led to be used as a stress management technique knowing how stress has been determined to be caused by a combination of factors and often takes place in the mind.

Benefits Of Hypnosis Vs Stress:

How is hypnosis useful in dealing with stress? This particular therapy enables the person to talk about the cause of their stress, confront it, address its root, and be able to overcome the problem. All of these are not often possible without entering the hypnosis trance since people tend to hold back information, or to deny the existence of stress in their lives.

The idea of bringing the real cause of stress and trauma onto the surface is believed to help find ways to reverse the symptoms. Hypnosis has been likened to meditation, although the former has drawn more curious attention ever since it was introduced. It also requires the specialized skill of an expert hypnotherapist that will facilitate in your entering into that mental state to ensure an effective therapy session. It has been known to be effective in curing not just stress, but also various conditions associated with stress namely phobias, post traumatic disorders, depression, dissociative disorders, habit changes, among other things.

Caution And Warning:

As mentioned above, hypnotherapy requires a specialized set of skills to enable you to enter a trance mental state. Hence, your ability to benefit from this particular stress management technique relies a lot on your ability to tap the services of a truly qualified hypnotherapist

When deciding which hypnotherapist to perform the therapy session on you, make sure to look into their expertise and seek proof of qualification. Aside from years of experience doing hypnosis, they must also have some good results to show off

Tips Before Entering Hypnotherapy:

If you have decided to use hypnotherapy for stress management, here are some tips to consider to help you get started:

  • Always conduct a research on hypnotherapy if you are contemplating to use this technique. This will give you a broader idea on what to expect
  • Make sure to check the cost for each therapy session to ensure that you can afford it.
  • Make sure to check the cost for each therapy session to ensure that you can afford it.
  • Aside from the method itself, make sure to conduct a thorough research on the background for each hypnotherapist you decide to hire. After all, you are going to use them as a medium to take back what is rightfully years, which is your peace of mind.

We often fail to see the beautiful part of life because of our busy lifestyle. We live our life in worries, tensions and totally lost in it. These problem in our life lead to us in negative thinking. Once we start thinking negatively our life goes further down to suffering and despair. Thus it is extremely beneficial to stay positive for making your life beautiful and easy to live. Here are some tips to keep you on positive thinking way so stay tuned:

Think Positive:

Always give weight to your thoughts as they help you in understanding yourself. Negative thoughts helps us to find out what may go wrong, what if this happen so it is tremendously valuable to analyze your thoughts and work on positive solution. Make your negative thoughts as your strength.

Take responsibility of your action:

If something goes wrong because of your steps take the responsibility and do not try to blame other for your mistakes. Think it as a bad time but this situation will not always be there and soon opportune time will come. Keep this kind of thoughts in your mind in those terrible bad situation and move ahead in your life with a positive attitude.

Set A Goal:

Set a goal for yourself in every morning. Try to achieve that goal by day and during each step going near to your goal appreciate yourself for your action. Be grateful to your life, the things you have. Do not feel down for the things that you do not have. Learn to respect others too.

Keep Smiling:

Keep smiling whatever the situation is. Meet everyone with a pleasant smile even with a stranger. Listen music that makes you feel happy and encourages you. Read personality development articles. Make yourself engaged in activities. If something is not going according to your plan do not sit down, stand up and try again.

Help Other:

Help others who need it and feel happy for helping.

Avoid Bad Company:

You should avoid company of negative people, make friends which are positive in nature.

Being Positivity is not for our mental strength but also for physical health. Many of the illness comes through stress, negative thoughts so why to let those problems appear in your life. Be positive and live a happy life


How to tell if she likes you. You believe that most of the time she is gazing at you. You think that she is in love with you, but you are not sure. So lets see the general signs to confirm, if she certainly likes you.

She often looks at you, and when you find her looking at you, she bends her head down, or starts looking something else with a slight redness on her face.

In a group of friends, she likes to walk with you. She finds different ways for getting  separated from the group and going alone with you.

When you speak, she listens to you with keen interest. She laughs at your jokes even if they are stupid.

She tries to touch you usually a short brush along your elbow or sometimes she touches your arm or shoulder while talking.

She crossed her legs if she is sitting in front of you.

She exposes the palms of her hand facing to you while talking or rubs her wrist.

She blinks more than usual while talking to you and pause in eye contact when you see her face.

She feels uneasy towards her style while being with you. She keeps on adjusting her clothes in an attempt to look better for you.

She finds a number of ways to spend time with you.

She never gets bored while talking to you. She always compliments you and laughs at your stupid jokes.


It is said that giving life or taking life is in the hands of GOD but you can save a life by giving your blood. Blood donation for social cause is an activity which give immense pleasure to the donor for saving someone life. Though donation of blood can be found in the religious text of many civilizations but the observable blood transfusion started after the discovery of blood groups in 1901 by Karl Landsteener. Generally the blood content of body varies with person to person and depends on body weight. A normal healthy person has around 5.5 liters of blood and can donate 350-450 ml of blood depending on his weight.

Why Blood Transfusion Needed:

Millions of patients need blood transfusion in the hospitals due to many reasons. The reasons that required blood transfusion include

  1. Substitution of blood loss caused by any injury in accident
  2. Substitution of blood loss that occurs during major surgeries.
  3. Medical condition like anemia, kidney disease or cancer in which body’s ability to produce new blood cells weakens.

Who can Donate Blood?

There are some specific requirements that a donor must have before he can donate his blood. These specific requirements include:

  • The donor must be above 18 years and below 55 years old.
  • The donor blood pressure, temperature and weight must be normal.
  • The donor must have normal hemoglobin count in blood generally more than 12.5gm/dl.
  • He should not have any illness like hepatitis, malaria, measles and syphilis.
  • The donor should not be on any kind of medication.
  • The donor should not have suffered from jaundice from last 2-3 years.
  • Pregnant women or women who are on lactation should not donate blood as they have low iron reserves.
  • The donor should not have any history of epilepsy, abnormal bleeding tendency, severe asthma or cardiovascular disorders.

These are some facts that you must know about blood donation.

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