In this fast-growing-world where we all are intensely busy in matching the pace of the world, we are slowly and slowly forgetting the word relax. People with depressed, sad and weary faces can be seen all over the world. Working day and night in a world filled with stress is taking away delight from our life. Once you allow stress to enter into your life, it significantly impacts your health and  leads to state of illness in the long run. Relaxation is a way to counter stress from your life and make it peaceful and healthy.

Recognize your problem:

First step to counter stress is to know why you are in tension. There may be many reasons like nonstop work, carrier, headache, irritation, improper diet and disappointment. Once you find out the reason with a quiet mind imagine how to solve the problem. There are many ways to achieve relaxation.


It is well proven that doing exercise daily reduce the stress significantly.

Yoga and breathing techniques:

Yoga is especially useful in relaxing your mind as well as body. Slowing down your breath and making your mind free from any thought and feeling for 5-10 minutes yield immense relief from stress. Practicing meditation in the presence of an instructor each day is extremely valuable in stress removal.


Avoid food that contains excessive sugar. Use herbal tea in place of coffee. Fruits, green vegetables and low-calorie protein are the best diet to reduce stress.

Positive Thinking:

Positive thinking is an art of life. It helps in making the body calm and soothe. Always listen before react, choose your words carefully. Don’t do anything that makes you feel guilty afterwards.

Reading books:

Reading books is a fantastic way to relax. It not only enhances knowledge but also reduce stress. Concentrating in the story of book frees you from the outside stressful world and makes your body calm.

Involve in activities:

You should always involve yourself in some extra curricular activities that interest you. It helps you in keeping your mind free from problems.

Spent time with positive people:

You should always fill your time with the people who are positive thinker and always seems cheerful.


Computers games are one the most popular pleasure system which is tremendously popular in teenagers and kids. Kids now days can be clearly seen in game cafes extremely active in playing computer games. Excessive playing on a computer may have a detrimental effect on health as well as social development of your kid.


In this fast paced world obesity is becoming a regular phenomenon. Thanks to our fast food companies for their immense contribution in this regard. Gradually fast food are becoming an integral part of our life and so is obesity and allied health problems.

What is fast food?

As the name suggest, fast food is the food that can be prepared and served immediately, and that is what in our modern and fast pace life, we all need. Fast food are usually deep fried in partially hydrogenated oils and contains cheaper ingredients like high fat meat, added sugar and fat. They lack healthy ingredients like lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits so they usually available at a cheaper price.

Why fast food are so popular?

Quick and usually inexpensive are the two key factors in making fast food so popular.  Vending machines, 24 hours open restaurants are fueling the growth of fast-food companies. Advertisements shown by fast food companies are also a significant factor in popularity of fast food.  In commercials, fast food is advertised as satisfying meal with a cool place to eat which attract notice of our teenage generation, and the result can be seen in these restaurants with a big crowd of teenagers.

Problem with fast food:

Fast food contains high value of fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium which is not considered a healthy diet. Due to high calorie value of fast food, you can get all the daily calorie requirement of your body with a single meal and taking two meals a day make you gain weight.Having fast food once in a while is not going to create a problem but if it becomes your regular food then in the long run it will affect your health significantly by posing health problems like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and other heart disease.

Are there Healthy Fast Food?

Some fast food companies are changing their menu on customer feedback. If you can not escape fast food, then you should at least make some healthy choice from the menu to reduce the impact on health. Always prefer broiled food over fried food. Order items that are not cream based. Try to order soup or salad in place of fries. If vegetables or fruits are available, include them in your food.

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English is the main language of communication globally. But if you are from the country where English is not native language, you may experience some difficulty in interacting with people globally. Learning English at an older age is quite hard as compared to learning English at child time because learning rate at a younger age is remarkably high. So if, you have already suffered from this situation, don’t make your child go through the same way. Make your children learn English in younger age.

English Learning for kids:

You can make your child learn English by enrolling him/her in an English school. But for younger kids, school is not a good choice as it will make them weary. It is remarkably natural that kids tend to learn things quickly if they found it amusing. There is another option available for making your children learn English with fun. The option is English learning sites for kids.

Services of kids learning English websites:

Learning English with these websites is fun for children. These websites offer a number of services that make your baby eager to learn English. Some services are stated below.

  • Fun Games: These websites provide a lot of fun games. Your kid will love playing these games and understand English at the same time.
  • Read and write practice: Your kid can practice reading and writing and learn vocabulary with ease.
  • Test and quiz: Your kid can try his/her English vocabulary. These quiz involves lots of pictures and some personality test.
  • Word games: These are the areas which is related to spelling games like hangman, matching and spelling games.
  • Short stories: These sites provide a lot of short stories for your kid.

Where to find kid English learning website:

Google is your friend. You can search for these websites on google search and google will return you lot of the website address. Here, are some English learning website for kids.

Pumkin Online English Language Course for Children
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Learn English with British Council


Water is life, and we can not live without it. Our day to day routine job like bathing, washing, cooking require water. But with the evolution of human, our usual sources of water are becoming polluted and it is no longer safe may lead to host of diseases. Our yearn to get clean and healthy water, have given rise to multi-billion dollar companies, who provide bottled water claiming it is safe, pure and free from bacteria.  Gradually drinking bottled water is becoming a trend. Advertisements claiming that our bottled water will make you fresh and healthy are giving encouragement to using bottled water craze. But are the claims that we heard about bottled water are actually close. In this article, we will examine the validity of bottled water.

Is it truly safe and pure:

We all believe that bottled water is safe, but there is no guarantee. According to the four-year study conducted by NRDC on around 1000 bottled water there is no guarantee that bottled water will be safer as well as cleaner than our normal tap water.  In a study, it was found that more than 25% bottled water are just tap-water. Most of them are just filtered tap water.

Bottled water taste better due to added minerals and additive. But they are not such helpful to us as they claim. Also, the claim natural and pure may not be the case with most of the products. A study conducted by CERS discovers that even branded water contains bacteria in it. Some of the bottle revealed foreign material, which is a violation of norms Use of plastic for storing water:

Use of plastic for storing water:

Use of plastic for storing water is not particularly safe. Studies show that a chemical named phthalates can leach into the water from plastic over time. This chemical is known to disrupt testosterone and other hormones. Other than this using plastic is terribly unfortunate for the environment. Yearly around 1.5 million of plastic is used in industries for making water and the side product are nickel, ethylbenzene, ethylene oxide and benzene which are toxins. Plastic disposal is another question. Most of the used plastic goes as junk or ocean which pose a risk to water livings.

So fundamentally you should get a water purifier in your house, which is more economical than using bottled water.

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