Are you taking enough sleep? The quantification of word enough is different for different people. For some people taking 4-6 hour sleep is enough and for some people even ten hours sleep is not enough to feel right. So there is no standard number of hours, which can define good sleep, but if you are feeling energetic, alert and in a good mood to work then you have taken good sleep in the night.


No doubt computer has changed our lifestyle and we can do a lot of things like paying payments, online ticket booking, getting desired information without any trouble with few clicks on keyboard. It has now become an integral part of our home as well as office life. With all the easiness in life provided by computer, there is one side-effect, and that one is strain and stress on our eyes.


Any changes in the atmosphere which is not acceptable to human health is known as air pollution. As our life style is changing, uses of automobile motor cars, industrial products has been increased which is contributing a lot in air pollution. Every day we inhale around 20,000 lit of air, and because of the toxic contaminants present in the atmosphere, it goes straight inside our body and poses a serious health risk.

Main Contributor:

Auto emissions are the main contributor of air pollution now days. Increased reliability on fossil fuels for running vehicles has increased oxide of Nitrogen and Sulfur, carbon mono oxide and volatile hydrocarbons in atmosphere. Chemicals and dust coming out from the factory and mixing into air also contributing in air pollution.

Health problems due to air pollution:

There are many health problems associated with air pollution, but most of them are connected with our respiratory system. The harmful chemicals of air can be absorbed by blood and transported throughout the body also affects our health a lot. It is not just outside air but also inside air of your house can be polluted enough to raise numerous health risks. The main health problems associated with air pollution include:

  • Irritation in eyes, as well as respiratory tract caused by powdery particles present in the air.
  • In highly polluted air, problems like chest tightness, burning sensation in eyes arises.
  • Bronchitis and emphysema are some medical disorders which results from air pollution
  • Air pollution increases the likelihood of acute or severe asthma.
  • Lung cancer or heart related problems can also be the outcome of air pollution.

How to protect yourself from air pollution:

  1. There are several air treatment systems which are designed to clean air. These equipments oxidize organic odor, fungi and germs present in the air and make the inside air of your home safe to inhale.
  2. Avoid doing exercise in a polluted environment. During exercise, the lungs need more and causes more pollutants to  reach  body.
  3. Afternoon or midday is the time when air pollution reaches its peak. So avoid going outside during these hours.
  4. If you are working in pollutant area, drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol) to keep your respiratory tract moist.

Motion sickness, sometimes referred as travel sickness is a illness where you feel like vomiting while traveling. It can take off all your joy, thrill and excitement of picnic or trip. Some people are prone to motion sickness, and if you are one of them, here are some tips to avoid motion sickness and to enjoy your holiday trip fully with your friends.

What cause motion sickness?

Our mind keeps our balance by sensing the signal produce by our eyes, ears, muscles and skin. The liquid inside the inner ear gives the signal to brain about our movement. Our eyes send a signal about our movement and direction.  Muscle gives the signal to brain about in what position our body is and the skin senses that which part of our body is in touch with the ground. All these signals collected by our brain create a complete picture and keeps us balanced during our movement. When there is a difference in the partial image created by each signal, the brain become confused and results in motion sickness.  For example if you are reading a newspaper while traveling in a car, the liquid inside the ear send a signal about your movement, but your eyes send a signal that you are still. These signals confuse the brain and may result in travel sickness.

Tips to avoid motion sickness:

  1. Avoid taking heavy meals before traveling.
  2. Keep anti-motion sickness pills with you just in case of emergency.
  3. Always take a seat in the vehicle where you can sit facing forward (In the direction of vehicle movement). Avoid taking side or back seats.
  4. Look outside from the vehicle instead of just looking within.  This way your eyes will start intercepting that you are moving
  5. Take center seat in the bus because this is the place where you feel least movement.
  6. Lemon or powered ginger roots are natural remedies for motion sickness. Keep these stuffs with you while traveling if you are likely to motion sickness.
  7. Try to relax and do some breathing exercise on your seat, instead of thinking about your uneasiness.
  8. Avoid looking on sick passengers as it may make you motion-sick.

These are some tips which you can follow to avoid ruining your trip while traveling with your family and friends.

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The period in which you learn most of the things is childhood days. In this period brain perceive things at a fast rate. As we grow older our learning rate decreases. In the childhood time if your baby has some memory problems then it will undoubtedly affect his/her future. If your beloved kid is not able to recall facts, events, names and pictures then here are some tips for you to assist in remembering things.

Recall Information:

If your kid forgot something which you asked to do, don’t let him go with a statement like “I forgot”. Ask him to recall the details and complete the task. Give him a set of follow-up tasks and see the status throughout the day. It will help in constructing his memory.

Memory Games:

Memory games are another way to improve your kid’s memory. There  is a lot of online sites that provide memory games on different niche like math, words, astronomy, geography, history and many others. These games not only help in improving your child learning and remembering capability but also it will help in building strong knowledge base.


Diet is extremely vital for your kid. A healthy diet is not only necessary for memory but also for physical development of your kid. Vitamin B, especially B6, B12 and B9 are most essential vitamins for memory improvement. Vitamin C& E act as antioxidants and help brain tissue damage from free radicals. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are necessary fat molecules that actively take part in brain functions. You should ensure that your child is getting all these ingredients in his diet.

Make him active:

Make your kid active. Ask him to play outdoor games instead of sitting in front of computer and TV. A lazy and lethargic body also reflects same kind of mind. Involve him in extra curricular activities of his interest.

Involve yourself in his study:

In your child’s study time, you should not rest away but involve yourself with his study. Try to find out difficulties he is facing in education. If he has some difficulties like remembering long numbers and words, you can help him by giving tips like breaking the number and words for easy learning.

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