Honey is a golden color sweet syrup which is produced by honey bees extracted from nectar of flowers. The natural honey is the honey which is collected from the beehive, and the synthetic is the one which is synthesized. At the time, artificial honey is not possible, but many additives are added with natural honey to change its farm and to make it more useful with respect to storage, color, look and taste.

A new name organic honey has entered in the market which sells at somewhat higher price than the traditional honey available. What is organic honey? We will see in this article.

How Honey is Produced:

Honey farming is done in the farm areas or in large gardens where generous number of plants and flowers are available from where bees can collect pollen and nectar. Professional beekeepers use specialize equipments for proper nurturing of bee hives, chemical to protect bee hives from parasites and diseases. Extracting equipments are required to obtain honey from honey combs. After extraction, the  honey is passed through some physical processes and chemical treatments, before packaging and reaching in the market for sell.

Organic Honey:

The label organic honey is provided to the honey which is made after following specific standards from beekeeper, processor and packager. Standards for making organic honey cover:

Bee farming should be done in an area which is free from chemical residue. Pesticides should not be used on the plants and flowers from where bees are collecting nectar. Nurturing of bees should be done in a natural way, not by using of chemicals, which may remain as a residue in the final honey extracted. Heating of honey to kill the bacteria should be done at a temperature specified by USDA standards. Chemicals should not be used in the extraction process, and there should not be mingling of organic and non-organic honey during packaging.

All these condition makes it extremely difficult to get an organic honey label. But the procedures which are required to succeed in making organic honey, make the people strive for organic honey even at extra price. People also claim that organic honey has better taste, but no proof is available.


Bathroom is a key section of our home, and Decorating the bathroom with tiles is very common practice today. It is extremely important to keep the bathroom tiles neat and clean as a clean bathroom not only increase the value of home but also  change the whole living experience in a home. The tile in the bathroom when left untouched for a long time gradually accumulate dirt, minerals and soap deposits which require a handful of labor in cleaning.


Having green vegetables in your daily diet is extremely necessary for health as they cut the chances of many health problems. But the most of us could not utilize full potential of these vegetables because they go off till the time we consume it. Somehow we manage to buy high-priced vegetables and store it in our home. The time when we prepared to consume it, we find that it is already spoiled. It is quite wastage of our time and money. Though we restrict our purchase of vegetables only for next few days, still we find that some of the vegetables are spoiled and can not be used.

Though it is normal that vegetables start losing their freshness and flavor with time, yet with proper storing methods, we can preserve these vegetables for a longer time. Here, are some tips to protect vegetables for a longer time.

Storing Tips to Keep Vegetable Fresh:

1.    You should always avoid purchasing the vegetables that you could not use at once. Its decaying process always continues even you implement best possible methods to store it. So the thumb rule is not to buy extra vegetables, which you are not going to use in next few days.

2.    Different vegetables require different storing methods to preserve their freshness. You should be always aware of the vegetables which needs to be stored in the refrigerator and which are not.

3.    Root-vegetables like carrot and reddish which has green leafs at the top need to be stored without leaf. These leafs remove moisture from the root and make the vegetable wilt. Also, cover the vegetable in a plastic bag to avoid evaporation of moisture from the vegetable. It will help in keeping the carrot crispy.

4.    Always store mushroom in a paper bag instead of plastic bag. Keep the paper bag slightly open, so that mushroom could breathe. Mushroom also absorbs odor from other vegetables so keep them separate from vegetables with a strong aroma. Never clean or cut the mushroom before storing, rather wash and chop it just before you are ready to cook it.

5.    Vegetables like potato, ginger, garlic and onions should be never stored in the refrigerator. You should always store these vegetables in a  dry, cool and dark place. Sunlight can make them sprout early.

6.    Don’t store spoiled vegetable with the fresh vegetables. Ethylene gas and fungi from the spoiled vegetable can make the other vegetables also defective. So before storing vegetables in refrigerator, discard those vegetables which are already decayed.

7.    Most of the vegetables require high humid environment that our refrigerator doesn’t provide. So store these vegetables in plastic bags so that they can retain their moisture and stay fresh for a longer time.

8. Always store corn with the husk as it will protect the corn from drying out early.

9. Don’t wash vegetables before storing in the refrigerator. The moisture on the surface of vegetable makes the vegetable decay faster. So wash the vegetable before you are going to use it, not before storing.


How pleasant it would have been, if there was no mosquito in our world?. We all hate mosquito wandering around us in our home. Even a single glimpse of mosquito makes us irritate, and we all want to get rid of that creature, which is starved of our blood. They also cause us many life threatening diseases like malaria, dengue and west Nile virus. We cannot eliminate mosquito from earth but, we can do many things to reduce mosquito in our home. Here, are few tips:


"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" – It is the well known quote by Ben Franklin that describes the value of early rising. It is clear that having a decent sleep is highly essential for our body, but it doesn’t mean that we should keep in sleeping whole morning and waking up late. There are many benefits of waking up early in the morning.

Feeling the beauty of morning:

Nature shows its true beauty and grace early in the morning. You can see the feel of sunrise if you wake up early in the morning. Chirping of birds, pollution free atmosphere, cool and calm breeze of morning, makes your mood happier.

Right time for Yoga and Exercise:

Morning is the most suitable time for Yoga or exercise. Fresh air blowing around your body, peace and quite atmosphere is exceedingly motivational for doing exercise. Empty stomach in the morning makes it an appropriate time for doing Yoga and trying out different postures.

Best time for meditation:

Peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the morning is particularly suitable for meditation. You can do meditation without any disturbance in morning. Morning meditation is also advantageous, because at this time, your mind is relaxed and clear with minimal stress. Morning mediation helps in reducing stress and maintaining the emotional balance whole day.

Health benefit:

Waking up early in the morning grants you extra time which you were wasting in sleep. Most of us miss our breakfast due to unavailability of time, but waking up in the morning can tackle this problem. Having breakfast in the morning is hugely valuable for your health. The extra time that we get by early rising make us catch up things which we want every day. A lot of work can be done by waking up early in the morning. It makes us hassle free and thus reduces stress which plays a pivotal role in keeping your body fit.

Extra Time:

If you wake up early and travel to your workplace in non-peak hours of traffic, you can save additional time that you waste each day in traffic. You can utilize this extra time in reading a newspaper and magazines to enhance your knowledge.

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