Most of the women opt for home pregnancy tests (HPT), because they give quick results. Sometimes the kit tends to show false positive results, and it could be due to various reasons.

vision care

It is crucial to realize the importance of applying good vision care from a young age. Our eyes are a pair of the most complex thing, device or organ that anyone has ever seen in the planet. The complexity of how our eyes work and how it allows us to see the beauties of the world makes this pair just plain irreplaceable.


The first time, you notice a gray hair or wrinkle on your face, it can cause you immense pain.  Not only, it is a sign of the inevitable passage of youth, but many people simply feel these things are unattractive.


Small health problem like small injury, developing cold is very common in a family. These problems normally don’t require immediate doctor involvement instead you can treat it in your home based on your experience and knowledge. Even in emergency cases it is possible to save life by providing basic treatment before the arrival of expert medical team. These basic treatments require some basic stuff that you must have in case of any need.


Though it is very important to take care of our feet just like the other organs of our body but we must admit that we often ignore it. Our feet are the main load bearer of our body and plays very active role in our day to day activities like running, walking or standing but we generally give attention to our face or hands and forget about our feet most of the time. Improper foot care not only lessens our appearance but also lead to many chronic diseases like joint pain, bunion, athlete’s foot.


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