The importance of a good night's sleep should never be underestimated. While you probably know that sleep is important for rejuvenation and for enjoying the best possible energy levels, it can be surprising even to the knowledgeable just what an impact it can have on seemingly unrelated elements of your day. Sleep for instance is responsible to a large degree for our mood,


Puffy eyes or Periorbital puffiness is swelling that occurs around the eye and is caused due to the swelling of the tissues that surround the eye. The swelling is due to the buildup of fluid and if it is minor, it is mostly undetectable. But if the swelling is more then it will be clearly visible and can also cause irritation.


Everyone reacts differently to insects. Most of the time these reactions are misunderstood and not treated appropriately. When you recognize the difference between allergic and normal reactions towards insects and their bites or stings, anxiety can be reduced and unnecessary medical expenses can be avoided. Insect bites and stings can trigger allergic reactions from acute to severe symptoms.


Most days, you probably don’t think much about your teeth. Other than brushing and flossing those pearly whites, your thoughts are generally elsewhere. However, if you’ve recently been experiencing tooth sensitivity, it’s likely they’ve been on your mind more than usual.


Ever wondered what effect chewing gum can have on your mouth’s health? Many would probably assume that it is not the best for your teeth, and in some cases, they may be right. This would be due to sugar in the gum that could cause the teeth to decay and lead to cavities.


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