good-sleepThe importance of a good night's sleep should never be underestimated. While you probably know that sleep is important for rejuvenation and for enjoying the best possible energy levels, it can be surprising even to the knowledgeable just what an impact it can have on seemingly unrelated elements of your day. Sleep for instance is responsible to a large degree for our mood,

and at the same time it can impact on memory, on attention and on enthusiasm - so if you don't get enough shuteye you may well spend the next day feeling indifferent, tired and grumpy which can have knock on effects in your personal relationships, career and productivity. Of course a lack of attention and concentration can similarly cause accidents too, so if you aren't able to pay full attention to what you're doing without your eyes threatening to close on you, you shouldn’t be surprised if it makes driving unsafe or causes you to have other accidents.

Then there's the fact that your immune system can suffer if you don't get enough sleep, and the way that headaches, weight gain and even slow healing become more likely. In other words your entire body is affected by the quality of our sleep, including your brain and this can in turn affect many other areas of your life.

Fortunately there are many little things you can do to easily start enjoying better sleep and waking with more energy and in better health. Here we will look at some of those things so that you can start getting more from life without doing that much different.

Daylight Lamps

A daylight lamp is a light that produces more natural light that will feel more light you're basking in the sun. These can often then be programmed to work as an alarm clock, where they will gradually become lighter as it gets closer to the time you want to be woken up. This then means you will be gently stirred out of your sleep in a much more natural way (the way we were evolved to wake up) and that you will feel more energetic and rejuvenated as a result.


Going back to our evolutionary history, it's worth noting as well that we would once have woken up at much more regular intervals dictated by our 'internal pacemakers' (our biological sense of the time) as well as the 'external zeitgebers' (or 'time givers' which include things like natural light). Our body is designed to be ready for sleep just as it starts getting dark, which is why regularity is key. Ideally you'll get eight hours or more sleep a night, but even if you can't you should at least aim to go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day.


Getting exercise during the day will help you to expend your energy and to be more tired at night. If you spend all day in front of a computer then you will likely just be restless and hyperactive precisely when you're trying to doze off.

Make sure then that you do at least a few things during the day that will help you to expend energy - and better yet try to get some fresh air in the process.


Of course this is a fairly obvious point, but it's crucial you ensure you are comfortable in your sleep - not just to help you doze off in the first place, but also to help you wake up without a stiff neck or sore back. Don't just look to regular beds here - consider looking into things like water beds which can provide you with more support while at the same time being much softer.

Quiet Time

Another hazard of modern life is the fact that we are always so stimulated. If you spend your evening drinking tea and coffee while shooting zombies on the Xbox, then do you really expect to be able to get to sleep when you finally try to doze off? Make sure that you dedicate at least a little time to just unwinding with a book in the quiet so that you're ready to go to sleep when you need to. During this time you should also avoid coffee of course - and actually any food seeing as the digestion process can disturb your sleep too.

Make these few changes to your lifestyle and your sleeping habits and you'll find your sleep benefits from it - but so too does every aspect of your daily life.

Chris Rodman Author:
Chris Rodman
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this article was written by Chris Rodman is a local physician and runs a Family wellness center. A caring doctor, he is worried about the recent trend of sleep disorder in people and suggests useful tips to get over it. Apart from his professional life, he also blogs various health issues.

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