foot-careThough it is very important to take care of our feet just like the other organs of our body but we must admit that we often ignore it. Our feet are the main load bearer of our body and plays very active role in our day to day activities like running, walking or standing but we generally give attention to our face or hands and forget about our feet most of the time. Improper foot care not only lessens our appearance but also lead to many chronic diseases like joint pain, bunion, athlete’s foot.

Common Foot Problems:

Here are some common foot problems that people face

  • Fungal or bacterial growth in the area between toes.
  • Itchiness due to dry skin
  • Formation of corns due to wearing wrong type of shoes
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Foot bone deformation
  • Joint pain

Tips for Women:

Most of the women are very slave to fashion and choose high heel footwear. You must be aware of that an increase in one inch heel height increases the pressure on your feet by around 22 percent. Narrow toes and high heel can cause bunion and back pain. If you are so much obsessed with your fashion sense, make sure you wear it only at the time of need.

Simple Tips To Avoid Feet Problems:

  1. Don’t wear high heel shoes. Your heel height should not be more than 1.5 inch.
  2. Choose shoes that properly fit around your foot and not pinching anywhere.
  3. Wash your feet daily but not in hot water and then dry it well especially the area between your toes.
  4. Don’t cut your toenails in corner as it may lead to ingrown toenails.
  5. Don’t sit cross-legged as it may reduce blood circulation in your feet.
  6. Don’t smoke as it also reduces the blood circulation in your feet.
  7. Avoid wearing tight jeans or clothing.
  8. Keep yourself indulge in activities like dancing, walking, bicycling and swimming.
  9. Daily scrub your feet especially heels to keep it smooth.
  10. Apply moisturizer on your feet and heels if your skin is dry but you should avoid applying moisturizer in between toenails as it may lead to fungus infection.

These are few simple tips that you should follow daily to avoid any foot problem.

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