family-diet If you regularly read nutrition news and stay abreast of the latest fitness phenomena, you probably are keeping your mind and body fit - but what do you know about the health of your loved ones? While you are getting the appropriate servings of fruits and veggies, your kids might continue to snack on sodium and sugar, and your parents may be guzzling soft drinks without a care for their effects. Just because you understand the importance of physical fitness doesn’t mean your loved ones do. Here are all the reasons you should take a more active role in your family’s diet and exercise plans.

It Keeps You on Track

Dieting can be lonely and isolating. Usually dieters are embarking on their fitness goals alone, which means they bear full responsibility for keeping up with milestones and goals. Many dieters cave under this pressure, as the allure of eating at restaurants and spending family evenings on the couch is too strong.

However, when you encourage your family to complete similar fitness goals alongside you, you will have buddies to keep you motivated. Plus, the temptation of taking a break from your diet will be lessened, as many of your loved ones will be participating in good behavior, like working at the gym or eating healthy home-cooked meals rather than indulging in forbidden activities. Far from being selfish, this reason to help your family on the fitness path simply improves everyone’s quality of life, including yours.

It Keeps Them Healthy

There is nothing more nerve wracking for a fitness freak than watching loved ones throw away their health. When your child reaches for soda instead of juice or water, when your spouse flops on the couch after work instead of grabbing his gym bag, you probably have a hard time biting back your healthy-living suggestions. Many family members ignore your unsought guidance, and you come off looking like a nag.

However, if you discuss your health goals and fitness fears with your family, you may gain the ability to police their food and exercise choices. Because you will become the authority on nutrition, they will know to listen to your tips and tricks in the kitchen. You can decide on a particular diet that keeps everyone’s nutritional needs in mind, and make sure everyone sticks to it. After a few weeks, everyone will notice a positive change in their bodies, and they’ll have you to thank.

It Keeps Families Together

family-dinner-union Several studies have shown that family meals strengthen family bonds and build healthier relationships - as well as bodies - in the long run. It is shown that children who regularly eat dinner with their family have more family support, positive peer influence, and positive adult role models as well as diminished likelihood of engaging in high-risk behaviors such as violence or substance abuse. This hour of nutritious eating every day allows children and parents to communicate directly with one another, which builds mutual trust and dependence - the foundation for a happy and healthy family.

There’s more to a family diet plan than simple food and exercise choices. If you want to see your family’s health and connectivity improve, you should include them in the everyday preparation of nutritious meals. Here are a few tricks you can employ to get your family more active in the group diet:

  • Keep everyone in the kitchen during the whole of meal preparation
  • Assign specific, age-appropriate tasks that aid in completing the meal
  • Assemble a community grocery list and go shopping together
  • Maintain a suggestion box for desired ingredients or meals
  • Corral everyone to help in cleaning up after the meal is consumed

After years of seeing your family members make dangerous choices regarding their nutrition, it can be hard not to overwhelm them with information when you begin your family-wide diet plan. Instead of letting out months of frustration in a week-long nag that will scare them away from your food and exercise regimen, slowly introduce different aspects of your fitness strategy to your various loved ones. Skeptical or otherwise reluctant family members will take more cajoling, meaning you may need to harp on specific rules of the diet, but if they succumb to your suggestions, you will be able to rest assured that you and your loved ones are getting the nutrition and exercise you sorely need.

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