vision careIt is crucial to realize the importance of applying good vision care from a young age. Our eyes are a pair of the most complex thing, device or organ that anyone has ever seen in the planet. The complexity of how our eyes work and how it allows us to see the beauties of the world makes this pair just plain irreplaceable.


Simple Tips For Vision Care:

There are many simple things that we can do to apply a good vision care. If we keep these tips in mind, we can take a good care of our eyes to make sure they are healthy and normal


 If you like to read books and you read a lot, your reading habit can influence the health of your eyes in the long run. The first thing you need to remember is to never read in places or spots where there is not enough light. It is not possible of course for you to read in a dark room because you would not be able to see the words in the books, but do not force yourself to read in places which are dimly lit. Always read under clear light. Next, do not read while lying on your bed. The problem of reading in the dark will mostly not be a problem nowadays because many of us read from our tablets anyway. But it is not a good habit to read while we are lying on our bed because this will damage our eyes in the long run. The best reading position is to sit up straight.

Television Watching Distance:

 Another thing that we can do is to keep a good distance from the objects that we read or watch closely for a long period of time every day, such as our television, our computers, our phones, our tablets and even our books. It is not wise to have your sofa and your television so close to each other because being too close to the radiation that your television is emit is not good for your eyes. It may not be giving you problems right now, but in the long run it will weaken our eyesight and cause problems.


A good diet can also help the health of our eyes. Nutritious food can help not only the health of our eyes, but also our entire bodies. Well, the one vitamin that we know is specifically good for our eyes is vitamin A. We have been told since we were little kids that foods which are rich with vitamin A are very good for the health of our eyes. One of the food that we are talking about here will be carrots. Yes, carrots are filled with a mineral we call as beta carotene that helps to protect our eyes or reduce the risk of experiencing weak muscles and cataracts too. The best thing about carrots is that you can find them in almost anything you eat every day, such as salad, sandwich, soup and etcetera.

Always remember that a good vision care will result in a healthy eye during your old age. Wouldn’t you like to see the beauties of the world until your elderly days without having to wear glasses? Well, if that is the case, start taking a very good care of your eyes today!

to visit your doctor, who will be able to make a proper diagnosis and provide treatment if possible.

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Posted on: 25.02.2013 21:43

Is there any real proof that the distance in which you watch tv from affect your vision? Is it really bad for your eyes if you sit closer to the tv?


Posted on: 25.02.2013 21:45

Even adults are at risk, it will damage the eyes since it gives off radiation especially when spent on hours.
But it is worse to babies and children since they have not yet "biologically developed" fully. Designers of TV emphasize safe distance. Though new televisions made of LCD or LED disply donot creatte such rediation as CRT monitors but why to take risk.


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