mosquitoHow pleasant it would have been, if there was no mosquito in our world?. We all hate mosquito wandering around us in our home. Even a single glimpse of mosquito makes us irritate, and we all want to get rid of that creature, which is starved of our blood. They also cause us many life threatening diseases like malaria, dengue and west Nile virus. We cannot eliminate mosquito from earth but, we can do many things to reduce mosquito in our home. Here, are few tips:


Stagnant Water:

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. It is highly necessary to avoid any appearance of stagnant water surrounding your home. Ensure proper drainage system in your area to avoid any water logging as it will produce extremely conducive environment for mosquitoes to breed. If any obstruction is making water accumulate, remove it on a priority basis.

Adding oil in water:

If you cannot avoid stagnant water around your area, You can add little light oil in water to make a film over water. It helps in preventing the breeding of mosquitoes.

Adding Goldfish in pools:

Goldfish and some other minnows are the natural enemy of mosquitoes and they can eat the larva of mosquitoes floating on water. So adding goldfish in your pool is very effective in reduce the mosquito which me are generating because of pool water.

Adding Dish soap or bleach:

You can also consider adding dish soap or bleaching powder in the water to avoid breeding of mosquitoes.

Using screens in your doors and window:

It is slowly becoming exceedingly common way of preventing mosquitoes to enter in your home. Providing screen with sheer mesh in your windows and doors, which filter mosquito is a convenient way to get rid of mosquito. Ensure the screen is fine enough not to allow any mosquito through it. It should not be damaged or having any hole. If it is there, get it repaired immediately.

These are some tips which you can follow to reduce mosquitoes in your home and make your home a pleasant place to live.

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