happinessWe all want happiness in our life but even after all our efforts most of the time we feel depressed, sad and live a stressful life. It is exceedingly difficult to find a person who claim that he is happy. Have you ever thought what makes a person happy. The answer for this question is different for different people.

Some people like fame and they can do anything to get it. Some want money for happiness. Some like social status. But if you think deeply it is not fame or money that makes you happy rather small things in our life which we usually ignore. Most of those people find themselves deep in debt with judgments piling up on their credit. So lets see what are those things and be happy.

Have you ever appreciated yourself. If not then try it. You will feel satisfied and happy. Try to help other who are in need and experience the happiness. Try to make someone smile and appreciate yourself for making him smile. All these activities make you feel calm from the inside.

Set a goal in your life and steadily look after it. At each step going near the goal feel the success and appreciate yourself. Be focused towards your goal. Sense of achieving goal makes you feel satisfied and lead to happiness. If there is anything making you difficult to achieve goal then take it as a challenge. In this way you will stay away from negative opinion and be always on the positive track.

You should also provide time to your social life. It is not that you forget your family, your relatives in achieving your goal. You must learn to balance life. Spend time with your friends, relatives, children and other close people. It will unquestionably bring happiness in your life.

For being happy in life you should learn to forget and forgive. Do not hold the bitterness always in your heart. Forgive people who have hurt you. Forget their fault. Keeping baggage of anger and revenge make only you unhappy. Learn from your mistakes and avoid making it again. Forget unpleasant things of the past. Live in the present and learn to enjoy life.

Spent your time in activities that you like, hear lovely music which make you feel happy and motivates you. Work on your hobbies. Think about your health. Take healthy diet. Stay healthy as you can not be happy with weak body.

Follow those little points mentioned and see the change

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