like-youHow to tell if she likes you. You believe that most of the time she is gazing at you. You think that she is in love with you, but you are not sure. So lets see the general signs to confirm, if she certainly likes you.

She often looks at you, and when you find her looking at you, she bends her head down, or starts looking something else with a slight redness on her face.

In a group of friends, she likes to walk with you. She finds different ways for gettingĀ  separated from the group and going alone with you.

When you speak, she listens to you with keen interest. She laughs at your jokes even if they are stupid.

She tries to touch you usually a short brush along your elbow or sometimes she touches your arm or shoulder while talking.

She crossed her legs if she is sitting in front of you.

She exposes the palms of her hand facing to you while talking or rubs her wrist.

She blinks more than usual while talking to you and pause in eye contact when you see her face.

She feels uneasy towards her style while being with you. She keeps on adjusting her clothes in an attempt to look better for you.

She finds a number of ways to spend time with you.

She never gets bored while talking to you. She always compliments you and laughs at your stupid jokes.

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