stay-coolThe advent of summer brings in with it a lot of difficulties. People not only feel restless and uncomfortable due to the heat outside, the body is also heated up from inside, causing discomfort.

This can be very irritating and affect your concentration and performance level at studies and at work. This can affect your sex life poorly and even in dire cases can cause indigestion and heat stroke. In order to keep your body cool from inside this summer, here are a few tips you may try out:-

Have plenty of fruit juices

We tend to have more water in summers, and in order to break the monotony, we often prefer flavored drinks. It is good to go for freshly prepared fruit juices. Otherwise, canned juices of apple, banana, guava or strawberry can be consumed provided they are of good brands. Avoid having too much of aerated drinks as although they may be quenching your thirst, they can actually imbalance your body salt level and harm the kidneys.

Avoid tea and coffee

Although they are extremely addictive and have certain beneficial effects, avoiding tea and coffee during the summers help your body remain cooler. At most, have them only once a day. The tannins that they contain can actually raise the body temperature if consumed more often.

Avoid red meat

Although they may be delicious to look at and to eat, it is important to avoid them for the summer months. Their digestion and metabolism can raise the body temperature and hence, they may cause discomfort to the body. It is thus important to consume less of red meat and switch over to easily digestible chicken and fish protein in summers.

Consume more milk and water

Contrary to many beliefs, milk has a cooling effect on the body. Having a glass of milk or two not only keeps you cool but also helps having a great skin. Besides, water must be consumed in excess, about 4-5 liters a day in order to compensate for the loss as sweat.

Wear clothes that are breathable

Avoid tight fit clothes as they may cause the sweat to get accumulated at certain body parts, leading to infections. It is important to cover the body against exposure to heat and dust, but wear something that has good breathability. Passage of air easily through the garments keeps the body cool by transmitting the heat outside.

Protect your eyes and face

Use Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the heat and exposure. Use of Sunscreen lotions is a must for the face. Check that the lotion is high on SPF value.

Have small meals in more frequencies

Don’t have a large meal at one go. The heat inside the body produced in metabolism and digestion can make the body temperature rise a little bit higher than your comfort level. Keep your meals small and have them more frequently for a constant supply of energy.

Add yoghurt

Yoghurt and curd keeps you cool from inside. Avoid oily fast foods as much as possible.

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Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:33

I think the best way to stay cool in summer is to eat lot of icecreams. Also I am fond of swimming and I know my this habit will keep me cool all the time in summer.


Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:34

One thing we should remember is to protect our skin from sun burn in summer. So avoid direct exposure to sun and if you can not avoid, apply sunscreen


Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:35

It is a nice article. Drinking plenty of water is very necessary to keep us cool and hydrated in summer.


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