save-moneyThough you think you are not luxurious but in the end of the month you become empty handed. You shed tears seeing your bank balance. If you are such type of person, its time and wipe your tears and learn the tips to save money.

Spend Less:

You should examine yourself and see where are you spending and where you can cut off. Can you do without coffee at break times. Do you read all the newspaper or magazines delivered. Think carefully and you will find many situation where you can save money.

Personal Budget:

List out all the expenses likely to occur during the month create a forecast on items like month groceries, bills and other monthly expenses. List out incoming and outgoing money. Once you do that you will have a clear idea where you can save some money.


Think about buying things in bulk. Plan meals in advance for the week and save money on grocery by bulk buying. One thing you should remember that what you are buying in bulk should be used before it going bad.

Buying at sale:

Before buying at sale, make sure that the sale is quite sale, I mean make a price research before buying items at sale. You should not be spending more because of the creative marketing of the store. "Huge discounts" will help you only when you could not see that item at the same price somewhere else.

Stop changing your items often:

Stop changing your items like mobile, Tv or laptop, once a new version appear in the market. Before changing let the reviews come about this new launch then only go for buying. Most of the time you see you were lucky that you did not buy it in the first place.

Buy Old items:

Everybody wants new item but there is no harm in buying a second hand item if it still fit. Cars, cloths, tools, electronic items are some areas where you can save money by this method.

Save Money:

Make a habit of saving some money each week, each month. You can increase this amount by making strategies. Once you start and see your savings, it will inspire you to save money further so start saving from today

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