romanticRomantic means showing affection to someone in an unexpected way. You want to reveal your feeling to your dearest one but you are out of any idea. You want to impress him/her but do not have any romantic way in your mind. To be a romantic person require creativity. You should know that there are millions of books on this subject but true romance comes from within yourself  but for all those men and women looking for some romantic ideas, here are some tips for you.

1. Give your lover body massage or back massage. It will reduce your partner's anxiety and make him/her more closer to you.

2. Try to buy cute things for your partner. Market is filled with sweet things. Teddy bears, Puppies, Cherubic baby archers, photographs with two little kids all are romantic.

3. Surprise your partner doing some unbelievable thing. Blind folds your spouse, take her out for dinner, buy tickets for weekend movie are some ways.

4. You can write some lovely message for your partner on your body and show it to him/her. You can use body paint to write messages on each other body.

5. If your partner is out of station, send a bucket of flower where he/she is staying.

6. Kissing in the rain is also a exceedingly enjoyable way  to express your devotion to your partner.

7. Find the things that are specific to your partner and that he/she will highly appreciate.

8. Make a love song on radio for your partner and let him/her know about the timing.

9. Go to drive with your partner at midnight.

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