fast-foodIn this fast paced world obesity is becoming a regular phenomenon. Thanks to our fast food companies for their immense contribution in this regard. Gradually fast food are becoming an integral part of our life and so is obesity and allied health problems.

What is fast food?

As the name suggest, fast food is the food that can be prepared and served immediately, and that is what in our modern and fast pace life, we all need. Fast food are usually deep fried in partially hydrogenated oils and contains cheaper ingredients like high fat meat, added sugar and fat. They lack healthy ingredients like lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits so they usually available at a cheaper price.

Why fast food are so popular?

Quick and usually inexpensive are the two key factors in making fast food so popular.  Vending machines, 24 hours open restaurants are fueling the growth of fast-food companies. Advertisements shown by fast food companies are also a significant factor in popularity of fast food.  In commercials, fast food is advertised as satisfying meal with a cool place to eat which attract notice of our teenage generation, and the result can be seen in these restaurants with a big crowd of teenagers.

Problem with fast food:

Fast food contains high value of fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium which is not considered a healthy diet. Due to high calorie value of fast food, you can get all the daily calorie requirement of your body with a single meal and taking two meals a day make you gain weight.Having fast food once in a while is not going to create a problem but if it becomes your regular food then in the long run it will affect your health significantly by posing health problems like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and other heart disease.

Are there Healthy Fast Food?

Some fast food companies are changing their menu on customer feedback. If you can not escape fast food, then you should at least make some healthy choice from the menu to reduce the impact on health. Always prefer broiled food over fried food. Order items that are not cream based. Try to order soup or salad in place of fries. If vegetables or fruits are available, include them in your food.

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