child-controlControlling a child is not easy task. You do not know what problem they will create for you. Even some of their behavior may cause you lose your control. So before such type of situation come, you should learn how to control your child. The first thing you should teach your children is discipline. Discipline means your children should have a clear idea that what is the right thing to do and what is wrong. Spanking should be the last option. You should avoid this tool in all cases. If you use this method for solving the problem, you child may grow into a violent nature. Calmly talk to your children. Make him realize his mistake and disobedience. Ask him not to repeat this mistake again. Encourage them to indulge in different activity. Let them explore their area of interest. Praise them for their achievements. In this way, they will start respecting you and will be under your control. If they are doing the same mistake again and again you can try little punishment to make them change. If your child is worried, give them a sense of security. Make them understand that they can share their problems with you.

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