Skin burn is a very painful experience that we realize when we come in contact with any hot surface. Skin burns mainly occurs when our skin exposed to any heat source like steam, chemical, fire. There are many things in our home especially in kitchen that can cause skin burn.


Are you tired of following so many weight loss tips without any fruitful results? You do your best to stick with the weight loss plans and in the end you see there is no change in your weight or only gain. Here is a new trick to lose your weight without doing workouts or diet plans. It is very helpful for the people who are lazy enough to do workouts regularly. It is also an excellent tip for the people who cannot control crave for food and cannot follow strict diet plan for weight loss.


Jaundice is a medical disorder which results from the improper functioning of liver. It is also known as cholestasis.  To say jaundice a disease is not a right thing because it is just a sign that occur due to other diseases. In jaundice, the skin develops yellowish stains and color of stool turns gray. People feel lack of strength when suffering from jaundice.


Colitis is a medical disorder in which a person feels severe pain and inflammation in the colon. Irritable colon causes lot of discomfort and irregular bowls.  The people suffering from colitis generally become tensed and anxious. In severe cases of colitis which is known as chronic ulcerative colitis, ulcer is formed in the side walls of colon that results in passing of blood along with stool. The loss of blood along with stool causes many other health related issues like weakness, fever, nausea, vomiting or anemia.


The oranges are grown all over the world and people love for its juicy pulp. Hardly there will be someone who is not aware of the oranges but one thing that most people are not aware of is the health benefits of orange peel.


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