Indigestion is a common occurring problem which is related to the discomfort in the stomach. In medical terms, it is also known as dyspepsia. Indigestion occurs when digestive juices are not secreted properly in the stomach which results in discomfort in stomach due to the formation of gas or acidity. Though men and women both are susceptible to indigestion but women are more likely to get indigestion during menstrual periods.


Mouth ulcer is also known as aphthous ulcer or commonly known as canker sores. As the name suggests, these ulcers occur in the lining of the mouth and are very painful. Canker sores occur in the mouth or on the tongue due to which they are a cause of discomfort to a person when eating. Any spicy or hot food will aggravate the sore and takes more time to heal. Instead;


Sunburn is a medical condition in which our skin got damaged due to overexposure to sun radiation.  The sunlight comprises of many wavelength of light, some of which false in ultraviolet wavelength region. When our skin got overexposed to the light falling under ultraviolet region, it may damage the skin which is known as sunburn. The damage to skin may have many forms which include blisters, wrinkles, freckles, sun-spots and cysts. In extreme cases a person may develop skin cancer.


Tonsillitis is soaring throat problem that most of us encounter somewhere in our life. It is very painful experience which causes difficulty in swallowing, inability to eat solid food and headache. Sometimes person suffering from it might get fever.


Our life is gradually becoming hectic and in this modern fast pace lifestyle, it is very common to lose sleep. The lack of sleep sometimes causes puffy and tired eyes. Tired eyes not only cause physical discomfort but they also look unattractive. The best way to avoid tired eyes to take proper sleep but it seems very difficult in our modern life. In this article, you can learn some other tips to sooth your tired eyes.


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