Arteriosclerosis is the condition where artery walls thicken. This is one of the most common diseases currently resulting in the disability and death of many senior citizens. This condition comes after atherosclerosis, which is characterized by plaque or fatty deposits lining the walls of the blood vessels.


Every woman cherishes the desire to be a mother and inherent motherhood is latent in her. Hence when a woman is graced with divine motherhood a celestial pleasure gets the better of her and a sweet sensation of mirth and pleasure bubbles within her soul. Since the moment of inception she starts countdown when the moment tinged with pain and pleasure comes to drift her to a different world named motherhood.


Angina pectoris shortly know as angina is a condition characterized by chest pain. The main cause of the condition is the lack of adequate blood flow through the heart muscle. Many people commonly react to the angina chest pain as heart attack. The intense pain caused by angina may resemble a heart attack as a result of the crushing feeling many sufferers experience.


There are different kinds of ulcers known to man, most of which are connected to the intake of acidic content. The erosion of the tract between the stomach and the intestines is the main cause of all types of ulcers. Gastric ulcer is experienced when the patient’s inner lining of his/her stomach is eroded, thus with the introduction of acidity, the patient feels some inflammation.


Its scientific name is Hemorrhoids, a condition that affects the anus. It is known to cause some inflammatory pain due to the swelling of the veins around the anus or the area around the lower rectum. The patient will have trouble when passing stool if he is ailing from this disease. There are two types of piles: bleeding piles and dry piles.


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