If you are feeling sluggish. You are suffering from many skin problems like acne. If your digestive system is not working properly, then it might be because of toxins in your body. Toxins are everywhere in the world. It is in the air, in our food and so it can’t be avoided. Many health problems are caused by toxins build up in the body.


Earache or Otalgia is nothing but ear pain and there are two types of earache that have been classified. Primary otagia is earache that originates from inside the ear and Referred otalgia is earache that is known to originate from outside the ear. Earache is not always caused due to ear disease and there are many other causes like sinus,


Ringworm or Dermatophytosis is an infection of the skin that is caused by a fungus and not by a worm as the name suggests. It is very common among children and is known to affect adults as well. The medical term that is used for ringworm is tinea and the term is also used to indicate the part of the body which is affected by the fungus.


Palpitation is considered to be an abnormality in the heartbeat of a person and is something that is common among people. It is something that gets largely unnoticed but in some cases heart palpitation is accompanied by dizziness or difficulty in breathing. If a person does not have any underlying heart disease then the heart palpitations are considered to be benign


Migraine is painful and severe headache that usually occurs on one side of the head. It is a chronic neurological disorder that is associated with the symptoms of autonomic nervous system. Migraine is often accompanied or preceded by many sensory warning signs like blind spots, nausea, flashes of light, vomiting tingling in the limbs etc


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