Rheumatism also known as rheumatic disorder is a nonspecific term or a colloquial term that is used to describe medical problems that affect the joints and the connective tissue. The term rheumatism is not used in medical or technical literature nowadays and the traditional term that was used before was generally used to refer to a vast group of inflammatory joint disorders.


Nose bleed is very common among children and adults and even though it is not considered to be a serious problem, it can lead to life threatening situations in some cases. Usually, nose bleed occurs when there is some injury to the inside of the nose that may have been caused due to picking of the nose or due to blowing the nose too hard.


Nervousness is something that almost every person will suffer from in their life and is considered to be a part of human nature. It is a way of letting us know that there are dangers in the world and that we should be aware of it. But in some people, nervousness can be a lot more overwhelming and such people will be nervous all the time.


Gout is a medical condition in which a person will have swelling and pain in the joints. Gout can attack one or more joints and is caused due to the increase in uric acid levels in the blood. Gout is generally considered to be a type of arthritis and happens when the excess uric acid in the blood becomes small grit like crystals.


Goiter or Goitre is a medical condition that concerns the thyroid gland and is generally caused due to lack of iodine in the body. When a person has Goiter, the thyroid gland enlarges and will be seen as a swelling on the neck. It is a very common problem of the thyroid gland and many theories say that women are more likely to have Goiter when compared to men. There are two types of Goiter that have been reported and they are


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