water-therapyWater therapy is a treatment which involves drinking of water with some set of rules. It is free and brings miraculous health benefits. It doesn’t require continuous assistance of any professional therapist, and you can start this therapy any time. This therapy is very popular in India and Japan where people can be seen drinking water as the first activity of the day.

What is water therapy?

Water therapy is simply starting your day with 5-6 glasses (1.5 Liters) of water. These 5-6 glasses of water should be consumed altogether, and if you experience difficulty, you can take a break of 2-3 minutes between each glass. You can not consume any drink or solid food for one hour before and after taking water. You should not have taken alcohol last night. In initial days, you feel urge to urinate frequently 2-3 times after taking water, but after few days it becomes normal.

Benefits of Water Therapy:

There are many health benefits of water therapy. It is also useful in treatment of various diseases.

  1. Water treatment regulates the temperature of the body and moisturize skin from the inside. Your skin feels glowing after starting water therapy sessions.
  2. Water treatment is particularly beneficial for people suffering from constipation. It is also useful in curing acidity and gives extremely fast results.
  3. High blood pressure or hypertension can be cured with water therapy session in around one month.
  4. It is also found extremely helpful for diabetic patients. You can get fantastic results after 30 days of water therapy.
  5. It flushes out toxins from the body either in the form of sweat or urinal excretions.
  6. People who regularly following water therapy don’t experience problems like kidney stone.
  7. Anemia, obesity, cough, giddiness, irregular menstruation, headache and urogenital diseases can also be cured with this method.

How Water Therapy works?

Consuming pure water empty stomach cleans the colon, purifies human body and forms new blood. The hydrostatic pressure of water strengths heart and lungs functions.

Problems from Excess Water:

The amount of water 5-6 glasses is calculated based on the daily body requirement of water. But unregulated, excess water may cause problems like hyper-hydration or water poisoning. In the worst condition, excess water may lead to heart failure or brain damage. So drinking too much water can also be problematic, so it is advisable to talk to your doctor for volume of water that is OK to drink.

Overall water therapy is a natural body cleaning treatment, and you should add it to your daily habits for getting its tremendous health benefits.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:35

I have tried water therapy before reading this articles. It really does wonders. The only thing that I got from this article is that there are many more benefits of water therapy which I have not thought of


Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:35

Does normal tap water is OK or do we need some special water like mineral water to get the benefits of water therapy?


Posted on: 24.09.2013 10:26

"The human body is composed of 25 percent solid matter and 75 percent water. Brian tissue is 85 percent water. When we starve body sells of water, they start to complain – and set up may adverse reactions.""Dry mouth is not the only sign of dehydration and waiting to get thirty is wrong. Pain in the body is a crisis call of the body for water. Thirst should be prevented. When body does not receive enough water and you have pain that is a sign of dehydration.". As a registered doctor I practiced water cure therapy and came out successfull in treating several chronic diseases not only in India but in Bahrain and Dubai too. The modern system of medicine is most expensive and full of mis-understandings and is most commercial to earn money by putting patients in their lives risk. I hope the days are not quite far off when the people shall adopt water cure therapy and shall leave aside modern system.


Posted on: 28.08.2014 22:25

Just started this therapy this week lets wait and see the outcome...


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