ringwormRingworm or Dermatophytosis is an infection of the skin that is caused by a fungus and not by a worm as the name suggests. It is very common among children and is known to affect adults as well. The medical term that is used for ringworm is tinea and the term is also used to indicate the part of the body which is affected by the fungus.

Ringworm can be found in the feet, groin area, beard, scalp and other parts of the body and can spread easily from one person to another. There are many bacteria and fungi that live in your body and while some of them are useful to us, some others may cause infection and the tinea is one such fungus.

Causes of ringworm

  • Ringworm is caused due to fungus that is of the genera Microsporum and Trichophyton and is usually spread through contact with the person who is infected.
  • Some pets like cats are carriers of the fungus and it can be transmitted from them onto people
  • This fungus thrives on moist and warm areas and therefore people who have excessive sweating are prone to ringworm
  • Ringworm may also be caused from minor injuries that might occur on your skin, nails or scalp which will get affected by the fungus.

Symptoms of ringworm

  • Ringworm on the air can lead to bald patches and therefore of you have one, do look at them carefully
  • If your nails are affected, then it will become thick, discolored and might even crumble
  • If you find red patches in your skin that look redder on the outside than the inside and resembles a ring, then you most probably have ringworm
  • The patches will be red, itchy and scaly and will have sharp defines edges
  • The patches may also blister and ooze secretions

Home remedies of ringworm

  1. Cut a slice of fresh papaya and rub it gently on the patch for relief.
  2. Juice of the holy basil leaf can be applied on the patch 2 to 3 times a day.
  3. Take mustard seed powder and mix it with water to make a paste and apply this paste on the patch till it is gone.
  4. Garlic is considered to have anti-fungal characteristics and applying garlic paste on the affected area three times a day
  5. Take a teaspoon of mustard seeds and make it into a thin paste. Rinse the affected area with warm water and then apply this paste over it. Let it dry naturally and let it remain for at least an hour before washing it with warm water.

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