body-detoxificationIf you are feeling sluggish. You are suffering from many skin problems like acne. If your digestive system is not working properly, then it might be because of toxins in your body. Toxins are everywhere in the world. It is in the air, in our food and so it can’t be avoided. Many health problems are caused by toxins build up in the body.

Chronic fatigue, migraines, premature aging, constipation, diarrhea or bloating, skin problems are some examples that arises due to toxins build up in the body. Though our body has natural healing system that throws away toxins out of body through urination and defecation but when toxins level in the body goes up, it needs additional help in expelling the toxin material from the body.

How does detoxification works:

Detoxification process involves cleaning of blood mainly in liver. Body detoxification also take place through kidney, intestine, lungs, lymph and skin. While employing cleaning of body, it is to be ensured that kidney and colon are free from any blockage else you will end up in more toxin buildup.

Simple home remedy for body detoxification:

Here are few simple home remedy that you can use for body detoxification.

Cabbage soup:

One of the best detoxification recipes is cabbage soup. You can also add onion, tomato, carrots, mushrooms and green pepper to it. Take this soup daily for a week and don’t take anything else during this period except water.


Juices are very helpful in removing impurities from the body. More the fresh juice your body takes better will be the result. Not only fruit juice but you can also take vegetable juices. Blueberry, grapes, carrots and spinach are some good vegetables and fruits that you can consume. Juice helps in removing the metal toxins from the body.


Water is one of the effective home remedy to detoxify body. Water flush, alcohol, caffeine and many other impurities from the body. You should take one glass of water each hour for 8 hours to achieve the goal.

Spices: Some spices can also help in detoxifying the body. These spices include cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, ginger, and fenugreek. Addition of these spices in your daily dish surely detoxifies your body gradually.

Green tea:

Green tea is an excellent home remedy for body detoxification. Though any herbal tea can be chosen for this purpose but green tea has been proved extremely beneficial. Take one or two cup of green tea daily. To make green tea tasty, you can add a spoon of honey in it.

Sauna Bath:

Another way to detoxify the body is Sauna Bath. Sauna Bath makes you sweat more and body throws out more toxins through this way. You can take a 20 minutes bath once a week to achieve your goal.

Concoction of coriander and Parsley:

One of the excellent home remedy for body detoxification is coriander(Dhania) and parsley(ajwain) leaves. Take equal quantity of coriander and parsley leaves. Chop the leave thoroughly and make a concoction by boiling it in around 10 cup of water for 10 minutes. Filter this solution and keep it in refrigerator. Take a glass of this concoction daily for good result.

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