salt-water-sore-throatThroat infection is very common problem that affect people of all age and sex somewhere in their life. Sore throat often happens with children or teenagers. It is generally caused by bacteria which is very contagious and can transmit through sneezing or coughing.

Symptoms of sore throat:

Sore throat is usually accompanied with pain and burning sensation while swallowing anything. Swelling of throat, swelling of tonsils, fever, diarrhea, fatigue and difficulty in swallowing are some common symptoms of sore throat.

Salt water gargle for sore throat:

There are many home remedies that can help you to get relief from the pain of sore throat. One of the very effective and simple home remedy is warm salt water gargle. It works well on curing sore throat because of three reasons:

  1. The warm salt water washes away the excessive mucus lining buildup in sore throat. These mucus lining developed during sore throat protects the germs. Washing away mucus helps to expose the nasty bacteria.
  2. Salt water contains antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Salt water kills the exposed bacteria as germs don’t tolerate salt water.
  3. Salt water not only gives temporary relief immediately but also helps the body immune system to work easily so that sore throat could heel quickly.

Salt water gargle recipe:

Take ½ to ¾ teaspoon salt in a cup of pure water. Gently heat the solution to properly dissolve the salt. Once the salt get dissolve, use this solution to gargle. Make sure that water is not too hot to gargle else you will end up in burnt throat and tongue. The water used for gargling should not contain chlorine because it may irritate your throat.

Precautions while using salt water gargle:

Salt water is very effective in giving you relief from sore throat but you should not overdo salt water gargle. It is because gargling with too salty water frequently, damages the mucous membrane of throat and make it easy target for bacteria and virus attack.

Other home remedies for sore throat:

  • Ginger is very beneficial in curing sore throat. Drinking ginger tea not only gives soothing effect in throat but also cure sore throat quickly.
  • You can also drink warm soups to sooth the throat.
  • Basil is another effective home remedy for treatment of sore throat. Boil few leaves of basil in a cup of water and gargle.
  • Add some turmeric powder in milk and boil it. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which give soothing effect to the throat.
  • Avoid cold water, smoking and caffeine as they irritate the throat.

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Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:46

It was quite interesting article to read. Sore throat is a very common problem and treating it just by gargling with warm salt water is very interesting. Thanks for providing such valuable information


Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:47

Other than salt water, is there any other type of gargle that we can take to get relief from sore throat?


Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:50

You can also gargle bicarbonate of soda solution, using ? teaspoon of bicarb in a glass of warm water. It will soothe inflammation.


Posted on: 15.06.2013 11:51

here is another gargle reciepe
For a spicier gargle, add 10-20 drops of Tabasco sauce to a glass of water. Tabasco is made from peppers so it works like capsaicin and it also has anti-viral properties. Don't swallow the gargle as it may irritate the stomach.


Posted on: 03.07.2013 12:11

This is really one of the awesome posts that I could see for a long time. A sore throat is usually from irritation or inflammation. Sore throats can be painful and annoying. If you get/facing sore throat then remember..Honey is known best as a sore-throat remedy. Take vitamin C because this vitamin will help boost your immune system and fight off infection. Smoking is extremely irritating to the lining of the throat; so, quite the smoking.


Posted on: 19.11.2013 23:10

good operation :D


Posted on: 14.05.2014 12:11

Very helpful. I've tried this sore-throat remedy for several times. It really works.
Would like to mention one more remedy - it is gargling with water and baking soda solution. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of warm water and gargle your throat. It helps as well as salt water.

Posted on: 14.05.2015 11:18

I haven't tried this remedy, but I'll try it for sure. I usually drink Ginger tea and I can confirm that it is a really good and effective way of treatment for sore throat.


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