SaffronSaffron has been used for many years by therapists in ayurvedic medicines and it is considered to be useful in problems like headaches coughs colds. It is also thought that it improves digestion. Many people use it for improving fair complexion. It exists in many Grandma's remedies even today.


Other names for Saffron are Kesar and kukumapoo. It is also believed that saffron(kukumapoo) enhance baby's colour of a pregnant woman. Some old women says that it is useful in maintaining our body's heatness....preventing kid from getting cold.

For taste:It is used in sweets like kheer in India to improve the taste, in milk to keep body cool.

Benefit of kumkumapoo using on face:

It can also be mixed with milk and applied on skin to improve skin tone.

Good quality saffron can be kept for 2-3 years, but poor quality saffron deteriorates rapidly. So it is important to buy the best quality from a reliable source.

Saffron must be protected from dampness and direct light to retain its properties.

With genuine saffron one must soak the filaments for few minutes in warm water or milk before the strong colour, aroma and flavour emerge.

Avoid using cheap saffron and purchase it from renowned brands.

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