rheumatismRheumatism also known as rheumatic disorder is a nonspecific term or a colloquial term that is used to describe medical problems that affect the joints and the connective tissue. The term rheumatism is not used in medical or technical literature nowadays and the traditional term that was used before was generally used to refer to a vast group of inflammatory joint disorders.

Some countries still use the term Rheumatism and is used to describe fibromyalgia syndrome. In general terms Rheumatism is a painful condition that is caused due to swelling or inflammation and pain in the muscles or joints.

Causes of Rheumatism

  • The actual cause of Rheumatic disorders or Rheumatism is unkown and there are a lot of theories that give different causes for Rheumatism.
  • Repetitive strain or too much stress on a joint are considered to be general caused of Rheumatism.
  • Many have linked hereditary causes to the disorder and other causes include lack of movement, problems with the immune system or stress.
  • Hormonal imbalance and infections are also known to be causes of Rheumatism in some cases.

Symptoms of Rheumatism

  • Symptoms of Rheumatism are swelling of the joints or muscles, stiffness, intense joint paint and fatigue.
  • In some cases, fever, swelling of the liver and a rapid heart rate are seen as symptoms of Rheumatism.
  • As it is a disorder that affects joints and muscles, there will be immense pain that a person will feel when trying to move the affected part.
  • The swelling that is seen can increase and will make the affected part almost immovable.

Home remedies for Rheumatism

  • Walnuts are known to be good for treating Rheumatism and one can take about 5 to 6 walnuts daily
  • Consuming one or two teaspoons of raw potato juice is known to help ease the pain
  • Mix wintergreen oil, rubbing alcohol and chloroform in the ratio 1:12:3 and rub in on the affected part to ease pain and swelling.
  • Mix equal proportions of lemon juice and carrot juice and consume a large spoonful of the mix everyday to help cure rheumatism
  • Take a glass of warm water and mix 2 teaspoons of honey and apple cider vinegar and have this mix once or twice in a day.
  • Take a pint of warm water and mix the juice of three lemons in it. Take three tablespoons of Epsom salts and add it to the mixture. Take a teaspoon of the mixture twice in a day to get relief from Rheumatism

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Posted on: 17.05.2013 20:19

I am suffering from RA. Please suggest me some alternative medicine to ease pain of RA.


Posted on: 17.05.2013 20:23

The best way for her to ease the pain is to cut out a lot of the foods she eats. Cut out every thing with flour (breads, oats,wheat, pasta,etc.)
tomatoes( spaghetti sauce, ketchup, bar-b-Que)
potatoes, and citrus. Now at first cutting out all of those foods may seem painful but when you get use to it and feel the difference, you won't think twice about eating another pizza.


Posted on: 13.06.2013 10:22

My joints in both elbow and knee are paining at different time. It could be one left elbow someday or my right elbow on some other day. It doesn't happen together at a time. But say after a gap of few days it use to happen for about some 10-20 minutes. What should i do?
Is it the problem of Rheumatism


Posted on: 13.06.2013 10:22

Heating pads give quick relief from joint pain. Try and see the results.


Posted on: 13.06.2013 10:29

Can alcohol affect joints and can cause Rheumatism. I took one glass drink yesterday and now my knees are paining a lot.


Posted on: 13.06.2013 10:29

Taking alcohol once or twice does not lead to Rheumatism.


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