lemon-juiceIn a hot summer, a glass of fresh, cold lemon juice feels extraordinarily refreshing like diving in the ocean and relieve from exhaustion. Lemon is an extremely healthy fruits enriched with Vitamin C and minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

It is inexpensive fruit, commonly found in our kitchen and used in many food-recipes. Additionally, it is also consumed as either lemon juice or lemon water. There are many health benefits of taking lemon juice and lemon water which we are going to explore:

Digestion Problem:

Starting your day with glass of lemon water is a fantastic way to keep your digestion system strong. It becomes more rewarding when used  with hot water. It is natural cleansing agent and helps in cleaning the bowl and relieves digestion problem like heartburn and constipation. It also helps in digesting the food and act as a liver tonic.

Source of Vitamin C:

Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is essential for immunity system of our body and helps in quick healing of wounds and aids in treatment of infections.

Dental Problems:

It is also useful in dental problems and can alleviate toothache on applying lemon juice on area of toothache.  It is also useful in reducing unpleasant smell coming from the mouth. Massaging lemon juice on gums makes them healthy and helps in gum bleeding problems.

Blood pressure:

Lemon juice is immensely helpful for people suffering from high blood-pressure. It contains mineral like potassium which controls high blood-pressure. It relaxes the blood vessels and regulates the heart rhythm. Lemon juice also reduces stress and provides relief to mind.

Obesity Problems:

It is highly beneficial in reducing weight of the body. Taking lemon water with a teaspoon honey each day is a natural remedy for losing weight.

Acidity problems:

Though lemons are acidic in nature, but once they reach in the body, they are alkalizing to body. This is because of the mineral present in the lemon. Using lemon juice on acidic dishes can cure hyper-acidity naturally.

Detoxifying and Anti-cancer Properties:

Lemon acts as a detoxifying agent. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Limonoids found in lemons are helpful in fighting against cancer in stomach, lungs, breast, skin and colon.

Skin problems:

Lemon juice is natural bleaching agent and improves the skin fair complexion. Anti-oxidant and disinfectant properties of lemon rejuvenate skin and keep it free from infections. Daily consumption of lemon juice changes the appearance of skin. Its antioxidant property acts as anti-aging agent and keeps you away from wrinkles.

Hair problems:

It is highly beneficial in fighting against dandruff. Applying lemon juice on Scalp removes dandruff naturally and helps in fighting against problems like hair fall.

Blood Purifier:

Lemon water acts as a blood purifier and helps in treatment of diseases like malaria and cholera. Compound called flavonoid found in lemon act as antioxidant and antibiotic agent and helpful in fighting against cholera.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:36

Lemon Juice can help in making your mood better. It is a great skin care natural products which helps in skin cleansing, whitening and the effect of remove acne. Broken up the Lemon peel can use for mask, have the effect of scrub Exfoliating.


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