boost-metabolismAs you are likely aware, if you want to lose weight, there’s just one equation that you need to follow and that’s burn more calories than you consume. While the primary factors at play are obviously how much you eat and how much you exercise, there is one more factor to consider; your metabolism.


Your metabolism controls the rate at which you burn calories and it’s therefore not something that you should ignore if you’re serious about losing weight. The good news is that getting your metabolism into fighting shape isn’t actually all that complicated.

Here are eight simple ways to get your metabolism up to speed with your weight loss intentions.

Get Plenty of Exercise

If you want to keep your metabolism moving as it should, regular exercise is essential. I’m not necessarily talking about trips to the gym either, what’s important is that you simply keep yourself moving throughout the day. This means walking whenever possible, always taking the stairs and refusing to sit still for long periods of time. That last step can obviously be pretty challenging if you’re stuck in an office all day but even getting up to get a drink of water every hour or two can make all the difference.

Try to Pack on Some Muscle

Muscles use energy even when you’re sitting down. Therefore the more muscle you can pack on, the more calories you can expect to burn regardless of how you spend your day. The easiest way to do this is obviously to head to the gym but if you’re not much of a gym person, there’s a lot to be said for simply lifting a few barbells at home.

Eat More Often

When it comes to your metabolism, it’s not just what you eat but when you eat that matters. Every time you eat, you boost your metabolism but only for a short period of time. You should therefore be aiming to eat approximately five small meals per day, spaced between two and three hours apart. In doing so, you’ll also be telling your body that food isn’t scarce. It will therefore be less inclined to store fat unnecessarily.

Never Skip Breakfast

In terms of your metabolism, breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. This is because your metabolism slows to a crawl as you sleep and it doesn’t speed up again until you eat something. Skipping breakfast is therefore not only unpleasant, it’s completely counterproductive. Start your day with a healthy meal and you will lose weight faster.

Eat the Right Foods

One of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism is to simply stock up on fibre rich foods. Fibre is non digestible but our bodies still try to digest it. This results in additional calories being burnt and our rate of metabolism therefore increasing. Another important ingredient of a high metabolism diet is protein. For the perfect metabolism boost, combine the protein of a breast of chicken with a large portion of fibre packed vegetables.

Get More Sleep

Sleep deprivation is not only unpleasant, it’s proven to slow metabolism rates. Even just three weeks of mild sleep deprivation can increase your bodies insulin resistance which, in turn, decreases your body’s metabolism rate. It’s also worth noting that sleep deprivation can lead to an increase in various appetite hormones. In other words, it can not only lead to you burning calories slower, it can lead to you consuming more of them.

Try to Keep Calm

Staying calm isn’t easy but unfortunately high levels of stress are usually accompanied by low metabolism rates. Multiple studies have shown that stress can lead to weight gain even when said stress is not accompanied by a change in a persons diet or activity levels. Obviously the perfect way for a dieter to tackle stress is to hit the gym but both breathing exercises and meditation are also well worth looking into.

Eat More Spices

Finally, we have the small matter of spices. Multiple studies have shown that eating spicy foods such as chilli peppers and hot mustards can increase your metabolism for up to three hours. Spicy foods are also well known for both increasing mood and decreasing appetite. To experience such benefits, you don’t even need to change what you eat. Very few meals won’t benefit from a few drops of hot sauce.

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Posted on: 23.04.2013 09:47

Does spicy food boost metabolism. If yes how much spicy food should we consume.


Posted on: 23.04.2013 09:48

I also heard that consuming red pepper increase metabolism.


Posted on: 23.04.2013 09:49

If when you eat spicy food or red chilly, you get a boost in your adrenalin, that cause boost in metabolism.


Posted on: 23.04.2013 09:51

Eating spices increases heart rate which spikes the calorie burn rate. A study says that eating red chilly incraese calorie burn b5 25 percent

personal training

Posted on: 31.01.2014 07:40

Not skipping breakfast always fasten the metabolism. U said get more sleep? I guess normal sleep is better, sleeping more causes fatness. .


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